Prison: Day 1

Hoy fellow inmates,

hope you’re doing well and aren’t suffering terrible cabin fever. Hubby and me, the most boring people on earth, don’t feel much of a change yet. Ok, it’s nice and quiet outside and apart from the lonely lorry and polisiekar there isn’t much action. We have food for some days, so no immediate need to break the curfew. Not yet anyway.

So, what to do, what to do … what to fukn do?

Oh yes, I have some movies to watch, and write O@tM reviews about them, also – against all advice and better knowledge – started watching Picard, the super bad new Star Trek series.

Patrick Stewart and Dinero the Dog in Star Trek: Picard (2020)
Old man … not in space. :/

And of course I can keep myself amused – and you woefully distressed – with some Linuxy things. As you already know, some days ago LMDE 4 did come out and I wanna test it in comparison to Sparky Linux. Let’s see how the minimal little greyhound fares compared to the fat industry giant. Downloading LMDE right now and will prolly install it in the next couple days.


So, that’s the situation. Gonna prepare a light lunch now. Get out of my kitchen kids … and stay healthy




  1. My cabin fever hit on night 3. I ended up sitting on my front porch at 4am.

    Food wasn’t an issue but snacks were. I had plenty of instant starch-filled meals but no munchies. That’s fixed now… I bought loads of snacky foods yesterday, plus eggs and some veggies.

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  2. Good to hear.
    Eat your fukn veggies, kidz!!! And wash your forepaws!

    No cabin fever here. I only got up around 7 a.m., which is late for me. But as always, the fukn morning patrol and blogging don’t do themselves. And since nobody else will do it, the job falls on me.


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