Covid Diary: Day 974

Oh look who’s rearing its ugly head:

No, not Orca but our common enemy Covid-19.

Really? Pfizer is already the big winner of the vaccination war. Why can’t they stop pumping out more and more useless shit so corrupt politicians can and will ruin country’s economies?

What now? Test yourself for traces of pathogenic agents from the comforts of your home? And then?

I don’t know if people didn’t get the memo.

Covid-19 is over!

We’re done with it.

Even if you get infected this late in the pandemic stages, you won’t hardly show any symptoms. Maybe 93% of us are infected as we speak. Dunno. Do you know? Without feeling anything, without any signs of sickness I guess we can just ignore it.

Yes, I’ve read it too. In China they are panicking.

Honestly, before my govt doesn’t tell me to stay home and wear my mask I won’t do nuffink. Of course I’m happy I haven’t thrown my masks out in the garbage (becoz one never knows) but I don’t think we’ll see life-changing events like in March 2020 again.

Took this photo in August 2022. My masks are still hanging exactly on the same doorknob today. Coz one never knows. 😉

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