Ubuntu’s New ‘Install’ Icon

… creates confusion in the Ubu comunity. At least for journo Joey Sneddon it goes way over his obviously not-so-geeky noggin. So our friend Karmi found some choice words … and an explainification as to why the new Icon is so hard to decipher for the general Ubuntu user:

Admittedly it looks a bit odd …

So Karmi came to the conclusion the problem for many users is …

Maybe the problem is because it is in English? It clearly states “Install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS” so English seems to be the problem.

Hmmm, sounds intriguing. But BUT BUTT … the term ‘install’ comes from the latin language and is similarly used in most Indo-Germanic as in Latin languages. I guess if it says install, installation or installare, everybody, literally everybody, between Finland and Patagonia, should kinda know what this icon is supposed to do when you klikker on it. No?

Of course it starts the installation process! Shouldn’t pose a problem for even the mostest stupidest n00b. The fukn Gnome3 desktop environment is the much bigger hurdle when you come freshly from Windows and try to adapt to Linux.

Everybody knows that … and Joey and Karmi know it, too. So I hope his article is a bit tongue in cheeck.

OMG! Ubuntu! Can’t find stuff to write about.

I guess Joey’s article, on the other hand, was sincere and shows that his problem lies a bit deeper and is more on an existential pane than anything else. Lemme explain: As you surely noticed your editrix claims since quite a while that most distros in the Linux realm have reached a level of maturity that raches and often succeeds that of the big two, Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS.

Actually the longer you’re on Linux, the more you’ll find your chosen Linux distro far exceeds MS’s and Apple’s efforts. But that’s not the poblem right now. Joey’s and every other Linux journo or blogger’s problem is that we’re qickly, running out of exciting stuff to write. Everything just works. Boringly perfect … and easy peasy.

So the geeks are digging deep in their researches, trying to find some purely silly achilles heel, instead of addressing the elephant in the room, the fukn Gnome3 (Gnome Shell) desktop. That thing is an unwieldy resources hog and only gives you any creature comforts and usablity after you add a lot of so-called Extensions to it. Brrr, geeky shit. 😮

But dare to speak out and you’ll loose all sympathy in the RHEL, Fedora and Ubuntu world. Because they are behind Gnome, highly paid Microsoft employees who can – and will – end you and your carreer in one fell swoop. Particularly when you write for a website with Ubuntu in its title!

If at least he’d write for something more Arch-y. Stuff’s still happening over there and Arch is slowly gearing up to become Linux’ premiere distro, and Joey had lots of stuff to write about. But he, like millions of other users, stubbornly clings onto Ubuntu’s shit.

And while Orca doesn’t need any Linux content for her freeform bloggo at all, and as it turns out neither does she need any Second Life content, Joey and other Linux journos need a steady flow of Linuxy topics for their blogs and websites to survive. Bet on the wrong horse, guys. The better and perfecterer Linux becomes the less you got to write about. :/

So, as a decidedly ungeeky Linux housewife, I’ll stick to my oldfashioned, “ugly” Gnome2 Mate DE and enjoy its uncomplicated and quick working environment. As you should do, too!

Orca’s housewives Linux desktop


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