Omicron Diary: Who is Right?

Morning awesomites!

You know usually I’d say today is the 647th day of South African locky downy but then my glorious husband uncovered this in a video of yesterday:

See that? Lockdown day 647 already yesterday. 😮

But my sources definately state this:

27 March- As South Africa’s first death due to Covid-19 is reported in Cape Town, the country begins its 21 day lockdown. The first death is a 48 year old woman who died at Medi-Clinic in Durbanville after complications from the virus due to a blood clot in her lung. She had no history of travel. The United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests positive for Covid-19.

Lockdown for SA started at midnight 26th March. And 27 March is also the day I started my “Prison” Diary. Aaaand also there is this:

So wtf is going on here? Is Orca stupid (quite possible but not probable) or is the mighty SABC wrong (very very high probability!)

What do you say, peepelz? I mean you’ve all been in lockdown since approximately the same date. Most of you went into lockdown even a few days before SA. Do we have day 647 or day 648 now?

Confuzzled greetings


PS: Apart from this I have no news for ya and kinda regard the Covid pandemic as ended. Just waiting for the official declaration by either both my govt’s or the WHO. LOL, a woman that always prouds herself as ungovernable is subject of not 1 but 2 gov’ts! Holyfuk 😮

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