Prison: Day 19 (Yes, Again)

Hallo comrades in isolation.

Can you feel it? How your brain becomes soft and mushy and unable to get the simplest things straight and sorted out?               

How all the days in curfew seem to become just a sticky blur, an endless chain of seconds that feel like minutes and days that feel like weeks and you can’t get anything done nevertheless?

Or is it just me?

Doesn’t matter. I really got it bad by now, the cabin fever.

I’m not even bored, keeping myself busy all the time. But slowly losing the ability to think straight or get anything worthwile done. What became of the projects I had lined up for myself at the begining of the lockdown? All the shit we wanted to do in and around the house?

Managed to wash two loads, the second one still hanging out to dry, since a week or so. :/

Tried to do the dishes. Managed to do the cutlery and half of the plates. 😦 But, hey, I’m not done with that stuff yet! Will probably finish my chore later today … or tomorrow.

And don’t get me started on personal hygiene! I’m in urgent need of a shower.

But the way to our African Wellness Oasis and Spa is, like, at least 8 – 10 meters …

… and I’d need to grab a towel on the way out. That’s all too much for me.

Know what I mean, feeling me?

But at least I’m still a super diligent bloggerista, blogging for my amusement and your anger. 😉

Oh, and I just took it on me to count the actual days we spent in lockdown, and I’m counting 19 incl. today. So we’re sitting here, grounded since Saturday, March 27. Can you confirm that today is the 19th day? Or am I completely off the rails now?

How To Keep Your Business Meetings From Going Off The Rails

Or was my old count ok and I made the mistake just now?

Pls guys, help this poor gal out.

Hope y’all doing well, or cope at least better than I do. Did you wash your hands?





    • … and I’m just debating brushing my teeth. AdamCat got his meds about 3hrs late. I just realized I haven’t taken mine. I literally can’t recall what day I showered and changed clothes… maybe Sat??? Not sure if brushing teeth will happen tonight… I’m hoping to just fall back asleep after this comment.

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      • Good to know not to be the only one suffering a sponge brain. Feeling already better.
        Good night and sleep well.


        10:43 a.m.


  1. Running out of work I can do from home now. Watched all the Netflix shows I care to, so I spend the day taking showers or baths and cleaning the house. Everything has never been so spic and span 🙂 Hmmm, what can I clean next?

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    • Whoa, you’re so active, Becca. Much too active indeed. I’m delaying my hairstyling/shower day already for too long now. Only once you’ve become a professional procrastinator you can truly say you’ve been infected by the lockdown. 😦
      But hey, if you’re still feeling active, you’re more than welcome to clean our house. 🙂

      You and your loved ones stay healthy, ok?


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