2nd Anniversary Diary: Day 730

\o/ Unhappy Anniversary! \o/

Exactly 2 years ago we went into lockdown here in South Africa. Not knowing what the future would shape up to be, not even an idea where to get one of those facemasks, and the fridge only holding enough food for a couple days. I knew already then that I needed to break the curfew sooner rather than later. But what was most unnerving was how eerily quiet the world around us had become. You remember those first days? Quasi overnight life on earth ceased to exist; at least out in the open. Of course we knew everybody and our neighbours was sitting at home, sound and healthy but life as we knew it had stopped.

I just had to look up my first entry into the Prison Diary as I named this column back then. I just noticed now without knowing anything about the Covid-19 virus my first diary was about StarTrek Picard and my plans to play a lot with GNU/Linux distributions. Oh, sweet summer child Orca, you knew nothing. 😐

Was a strange time, right? Well, we got used to it, and with time going by and ease of restrictons life slowly tuned back to almost normal and nowadays I guess most of us feel almost naked when we leave the house without a mask.

I dunno about your place of residence, around here Covid ain’t a topic anymore. Of course we’re all wearing our alibi masks when we’re out and about but that’s all pretty much everybody ever does.

Buuuut now there’s a 5th wave looming at the horizon, actually end of April/May: Deltacron is a bastard of Delta and Omicron variants and, as they say “highly contagious but not necessarily fatal.”

Not necessarily fatal means translated into human language totally harmless and only dangerous for people “with high comorbid conditions and high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes and auto-immune disorders”. Means, yes, my hubby should be careful. But that’s what he already is since 2 years now. So we don’t see many problems.

IOL knows more:

Here’s how you know you got Covid-19:

The top symptoms to watch out for:

– Fatigue

– Runny nose

– Headache

– Sore throat

– Sneezing

– Chills or shivers

– Fever

– Persistent cough

– Hoarse voice or sore throat

– Brain fog

– Dizziness

– Chest pain

– Muscle pains

– Loss of smell

Hmmmm … I’m always tired, have a snotty nose and headaches (I’m a married woman ffs!), a sore throat (from shouting at my hubby), and sometimes I sneeze (it’s autumn at the Cape), hoarse voice or sore throat (still married), dizziness (married to a man) and muscle pains (a housewive’s work is never done). Oh, and I’ve lost my sense of smell already when I was born. Nothing new for me. So the normal wear and tear of my everyday life is now a highly contagious pandemic?

Ok peepz, I guess they can’t go on with this farce for much longer, so let’s just assume we’re living thru the last days of the big global Covid-scare. Let’s bring our term to a dignified end and don’t do anything stupid on the home straight, ok? Wanna rip of your facemask and burn it on the town square? Don’t! Please don’t. Particularly my American readers: You don’t wanna spend the day when the restrictons are finally totally lifted in jail or in the bank, paying your fine, or sumfink.




  1. I am done Orca! No more masks for me. I am living my life like a normal human being. If any Karens want to scream at me so be it. I go about my daily life back to normal. Hope you all do the same.

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    • You’re lucky you can do it, Bex. Where I live, even if most people don’t wanna wear masks themselves and nobody’s saying anything, I couldn’t enter any store or public building. You see we have a special sort of Karens here. They wear uniforms of security firms, walkie talkies and little spray bottles with hand sanitizer. And since starting a fisticuffs is too much excitement for me I just comply.
      At least there is no mask wearing mandate outdoors anymore, so as soon as I stumble out into the parking lot mask comes off!


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