Mornin’ Sluts!

How y’all doin’? As you might have gathered from the title, today marks the 365th day in locky downy (of sorts). At least here in SA; other countries were probably earlier in lockdown, many followed later. Well, for us here at the Cape, for hubby and me, we went into lockdown exactly at midnight of the 26 March 2020.

Yes, the world switched to something competely different back then, even though I didn’t notice at first since we didn’t have any reason to leave the house right away. Of course the world became quieter, an almost eerie atmosphere was in the still air. But only when I left for some (essential!) shopping I noticed how much our environment had changed. Empty roads, no people in sight anywhere, closed shops and stores, social distancing, blocked shelves in the few opened stores, all the tape on the floor telling you where to go and where to stop …

Day 9: I was quite shocked about the cordoned-off shelves. Never thought they would indeed care about the ban of non-essential goods policy

That was my first day venturing outside of our complex during the lockdown, many more were about to follow. These days, hardly a year later, I don’t even think about Covid, just instinctively grabbing my mask when I leave the house. It’s all become a routine … the new normal?

In the begining stages of Lockdown we even dared having fun!

What also has set in by now is a general fatigue, nobody’s interested in anything Covid-19 anymore. Remember in the beginning when on TikTok and YouTube every other creative published more or less funny videos about Corona? Remember Sophie Ellis-Baxtor’s kitchen disco?

April 19, day 24 of Lockdown

But we also had fun with a bit more serious entertainment:

All those big and small events made the first couple weeks of Lockdown less of a punishment and a chore but more of a happening, a global artistic endeavour!

Nowadays we know where and where not to take off the mask, we think we know with whom we can have unmasked contact … since they, same as us as, are still not showing any signs of being ill. And we’re totally forgetting that they could’ve had been infected just an hour earlier. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ No, really, do you know where your blog gurly spent her time since the last entry to this diary? So better take care!!!

Anyhoo, whatever, here are the news of the day from South Africa:

I guess altogether, for an African shithole, and multiple mega spreader events, the people of SA showed great masking and distancing discipline. Greater outbreaks happened in the townships, as was to be expected. But we’ve seen enough rich whities getting hospitalized and dying as well.

Don’t get me wrong, please, I know 52,602 death are exactly 52,602 too many but it could’ve become so much worse!

And if we were to listen to these weirdo cultists the numbers would be much higher indeed:

I guess you have these money grabbing Xtians in your country as well, no?

Enuff of that shit, I’m feeling the fatigue, too.

You dinky doodles have a good day. Take care, don’t lower your shield, don’t get sloppy in your Covid routines, keep distance, washy washy, sanitize, eat your veggies and all that jazz. Peepel, you know the virus will die out sooner or later. It can’t go on forever, not even the mutated strands. The day of global relief will come. And since we don’t trust in our elected leaders no more, we will drop our guards a couple weeks later. And then we’ll be done with this shit.

Please be patient and keep on fighting!

So we can meet again save and sound.



  1. We shut down an Mar 11, I think. We had a few days of increasing fear mixed with denial. Then a televised basketball game was abruptly cancelled and the stadium cleared without explanation. By morn we knew a basketball player had tested positive. And things rapidly started locking down.

    Now, after more that 500,000 US deaths, about 1/4 of the population has been vaccinated and everyone is acting like there’s no more danger.

    My new pet peeve, as of 24hrs ago, is the return of passenger jets flying over my house. I didn’t miss the noise or the people. I don’t miss personal interaction.

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    • Not everybody is as independent, strong and unsociable as you or me, Leenda. There are so many poor sods out there who only strive in groups, who can’t even function normally without other people around them.

      Yes, I heard about that basketball game. Typical human failure … too little too late and all that. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. I miss my friends and the crowds at the bar. Nights out to eat at a restaurant that used to be a weekly event are few and far between. I still venture out cautiously with my mask on my face, but until I get a shot it all seems risky. Am I safe? Am I not? Who knows?

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    • “Am I safe? Am I not?”

      No, you’re not! At least that’s my humble opinion. Becca, those masks are not made to protect you from the virus but the people around you from your virus … if you have any. And most of the masks I see out there are not really up for their task anyway, so it’s more like roleplay, virtue signaling.

      You are safe as long as you keep the social distance and sanitize often. Safety can be found in small everyday things and actions. For example at the pharmacy: The cashier sprayed sanitizer on the cardreader before she handed it to me, and then again before she took it from the counter after I had typed in my PIN.

      Little things that keep us safe, although she and I were probably 100% healthy after 1 year of living thru the pandemic. The next infected person could’ve been 10 miles away … or she or I could’ve caught the virus just a minute earlier, so we didn’t let our guard down. It’s what kept us alive and healthy throughout the past 365 days.


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