Why No Debian Linux?

Mørnings peepels.

Strange question right, why talks this weirdo girl about no Debian when factually she always (like in ALWAYS!) keeps a USB stick with the Linux Mint Debian Edition LMDE handy for emergency situations?

https://s14-eu5.startpage.com/wikioimage/80898b381712c4a787914545345608a8.pngThe simple and only answer is that I’ve used all kinds of Debian-based distros in the past. Some ok-ish, some very cool, some crappy … for me. All objectively working fine and doing their stuff flawlessly. But none of them came close to being a keeper … for me. And none of them was a “real”, the pure vanilla version, straight down from the Debian servers.

Don’t get me wrong, bois and squirrels, I tried it once and, like Linus Torvalds, the man himself, failed already the installation. It wanted to know too much stuff from me, asked me questions I couldn’t answer. Because I didn’t even understand what they wanted me to do. There is a lot of preparation work involved before the installer even allows you to click on <Install Debian Now>.

Look at their website:

Welcome  to Geek Central

Ever seen a less appetizing site, something less engaging and welcoming? Even Fefe’s Blog blog looks almost friendly compared to this, and Fefe’s Blog is made for reading political shit, and nothing else. It’s a real, daily changing blog, a blog with many enemies and dark gov’mental forces trying to hack it n stuff. That’s why Fefe tries to keep it as secure as possible.

Debian devs are such meaniepoofaces

But the Debian homepage is something static. It didn’t change in years.  Should be a breeze to make it look all nice and pretty and put cute clickable stuff on. And still the project’s page looks like something from an 80’s scifi flick. Many many links to click on and read boring stuff. Really??? Reading? Not on my watch! No, Sir!

So, yes, I know and acknowledge the fact that Debian is, like, the grandfather and mother of all Gnome Linux distros and has a huuuuge comunity and all the geeks are loving it. But maybe we shouldn’t dwell in the past, maybe we should stick our pretty mesh and bento heads out of momma’s basement, and smell the fresh air of a modern, beautiful, easy to use Linux. And should you ever feel the need to dabble in Debian, then congratz, you’re the supergeek and don’t read this blog in the first place. And also there’s always LMDE and Sparky Linux, Solyd XK, Knoppix, MX, tanglu and Siduction and many more.

So let’s forget this shit now, ya? Once and for all. See how easy Orca makes the step into Linux for you? How she risks life and limb by installing all the crap, so you don’t have to? Remember yesterday’s post about Naomi Wu’s installation of Linux Mint? No, of course you don’t, SL avies don’t have that long attention spans. 😦 But in there Naomi and Orca made it super duper easy for you to finally crawl outta your thick Windows skin and join the revolution. 🙂

Not Orca’s fault you had crappy parents



  1. Debian is an awesome base to build a distro from, but “pure vanilla” Debian is still so geeky and technical – and it’s forums so full of expert snobs, it’s definitely not recommended for beginners, nor for technophobic people like me, nor for those who prefer to run applications rather than run an operating system.

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    • Exactly, Robin, vanilla Debian is a toy for tinkerers. If you expect your Linux to function like it’s made to, when you use it to start your applications from, use it as a daily rider and do all your work on it … than all the “Debian-based” distros are much nicer: LMDE, MX, Sparky and others are so much nicer than the mothership.


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