LMDE 3 “Cindy” with Cinnamon DE

Ohayo my peeps,

you might remember how miffed off I was about the third installment of the Linux Mint Debian Edition (codename Cindy) and what problems it gave me. Now that was mostly caused by a bad installation file I got when I torrented the ISO file instead of direct downloading it. Anyway, I did it correctly now, and LMDE is also out of Beta, so what I got was finally the real release version.

Typical for almost every modern Linux worth its salt, is the Welcome Screen after a fresh install. Here you can get settled in your new system and, kinda guided go thru all the notions.

And what shall I tell ya, it all went ok-ish and is now save and secure installed on Gaga, in all the Minty glory and it works just great. Not going into details now, since the differences between Mint’s “normal” Ubuntu-based version 19 and the (IMHO more reasonable) Debian-based LMDE version are sooo minimal and almost not noticeable. Only thing that pisses me off is that LMDE is exclusively available with the Cinnamon desktop environment. While that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and comes close to the standard operating paradigm, like in Mate DE and, as we know it since like forever from Microsoft Windows desktop, it’s just not the same. Cinnamon has made a good evolution towards more speed but is still slower and less modifiable than its more oldfashioned brother.

The Welcome Screen’s not as flashy and shiny as, for example, Ubuntu Mate or Linux Lite, and won’t play your nanny, but it still very methodically helps you set up your personal Linux environment. As a beginner you shouldn’t skip any of the steps. It won’t take too long anyway.

But no problem for 99.9999% of all users, since they aren’t Orca, and since we all have modern and super strong computers. Or do we? Anyway, working and living in LMDE3 is a very satisfying experience for young and old … uh, for n00bs and experts. 😉

Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-12 08-25-27
This screen shows some mild modifications in Orca’s style, and we have the Firefox webbrowser open, showing Thar She Blows! where I’m typing this blog post now.

So, when I told you to not install LMDE3 yet, the situation has changed drastically. I had enough opportunities to fire up Gaga in the last days and can wholeheartedly recommend this nifty Mint version. It doesn’t make a huge difference to the normal Mint if you were on Cinnamon anyway, but gives you the warm and cozy feeling of being just a tiny bit more geekish and advanced. And that’s cool, no? =^.^=

Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-12 08-26-24
Made a dark theme, which you can see at the window border of the Filemanager.

While the choices and tweaks in Cinnamon are a bit more limited than in Mate, the experience is still so much more and better than in most other newfangled Desktop Environments. So, yeah, Cinn is an easy-going oasis of well-being in the modern desktop world. It shouldn’t give you any problems getting used to it and give you a well-rounded workflow. In contrast to its more strict Gnome 3 brethren Cinn sports an active desktop which allows direct operation like we old people know it since kinda 30 years. So if you’re not one of those people who need everything, like, totally modern and smartphone looking, Linux Mint, and in extension its Debian Edition, is the right stuff for you.

Pfff. Kernel 4.9.0-7 is, in best Debian tradtion, already a bit behind the times. But you can be sure this thing is safe as a bomb! And it’s still a 4.7 kernel so it’s pretty kindasorta up to date-ish.

Then it was time for the ultimate test: Singularity download was flawless and it’s running as nice and smooth as one can expect from an office machine with Intel’s onboard graphics chip. It’s not great but at least 10 times better than what MiniMe has to offer.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2018-08-12 09-05-39

Conclusion: Do I really have to tell you for the umpteenth time now, what a great Linux  distro Mint is? No, I’m still not using it privately for myself, but! if my Linux guruine woudn’t have brutally steered me in the Arch Linux direction, and made everything else abundant for me, Linux Mint would be my favourite distribution, my darling, my precious. And the more so its own Debian spin LMDE3. It’s my go-to emergency ssystem since years. And that means something.



  1. Don’t torrent, ever. That is a gateway for conmen and cyber gangsters to step onto your turf. Rather just do official download, also always do checksum.

    After twelve years of Linux from Ari to Zorin, I now default at Mint Cinnamon. I don’t want to get toooooo intim8 with my OS, I just need it to boot up, shut up and deliver. Life is too short for temperamental horses/women/OS’s or house wine.

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    • Buuuut I love the Arch thing! And particularly Namib, since it’s closer to upstream than Manjaro and Antergos but still easy to install, which is a pita with vanilla Arch. I love the AUR and the command structure of the terminal. And I love that it’s rolling and you never need to install newer versions or anything … in theory your Arch install will stay with you as long as the computer lives.
      But you’re right, I too switched to Linux to escape the horrors of Microsoft and their clunky amateurish, OS. I was seaching for easy computing. And now look at me, having more probs than ever before. 😦
      Maybe I should revert back to Mint, but the LMDE version. Too bad it’s only available in Cinnamon flavour, as I very much prefer the taste of Mate.
      Hmmm :/


      • I had bad experiences with LMDE, regular Mint Cinnamon was what was safe, dependable, reliable, LTS and everything works. I had to think on behalf of a host of non-tech savvy users, anything Arch would be well beyond them. After all, they never even mastered Windoze.

        In the same period that Windoze users reported 700 million malware infections, macOS had 700k and Linux just none. For the corporate world, I would never even think of Linux unless it passed my own stringent testing. Each distro has its own quirks, the least offensive remains Mint Cinnamon. On LMDE, both LibreOffice and Thunderbird misbehaved badly, displayed fractions of the screen, messed up mail accounts, etc. On my FRIEND’s computer that I was rescueing from a non-booting Windoze box.

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