MX-16 is OK-ish

But why use it?

Hello, lots of talking about MX-16, the Debian stable-based Xfce distribution that’s supposed to be all that … and then some. Everywhere you look, on websites, blogs and YouTube vids you won’t hear a single critical word about it or its predecessors MX-15, MX-14, you name it. Orca’s gonna change that since she’s got some stuff to nag about. 🙂

MX-16 out of the box

Yes, call me heavily biased, call me intolerant, call me inflexible, call me a clueless bitch … you’re right in each and every aspect. And I’m not even saying that MX-16 is a bad distro. Because it’s not bad, not at all. It’s spunky, yet stable and secure in best Debian tradition. But I’m stating clearly that Xfce ain’t gonna cut it as a n00b friendly desktop, not in the year 2016/17, not anymore. In my poorly educated eyes Xfce is clunky and impractical to use, and most of its modules are helplessly outdated. You must know that Xfce developes with the speed of a glacier and doesn’t seem to be in any rush to keep up with the rest of the Linux world. I’m in the Linux world since 5 years now and haven’t found any desktop environments that were able to confuse and irritate me but two: KDE and Xfce.

slightly modified with task bar horizontally and on top

In fact does Xfce look like Cinnamon’s and/or MATE’s poorer cousin and gives you far less stuff to play/customize but on the other hand makes it overly complicated. Anyhoo, when you stumble upon Xfce as your first Linux desktop ever you probably won’t even notice how bad it really is since you dunno any better. And that’s why Xfce still has such a huge fan base and is used as the flagship DE in many distros. For example Manjaro, Xubuntu, MX-16, Linux Lite and many others are heavily biased towards Xfce. And, yes, if you don’t know anything else you can live with it. You can live very well with it.

the kinda stupid Thunar file manager

Apart from the questionable choice of DE there is also the installation. The installer looks nice and polished and kinda simple without really being so. Even Orca, who installed about 3 million Linux distros already, was a bit confused by some of the stuff the installer wanted to know from me. Ok, I got it done anyway, only had to click a step backwards once during the routine, still it’s far from being very friendly for n00bies.

changed wallpaper and about to modify some more desktop settings

As you can see in the very few screenshots I manged to do by now, MX-16’s Xfce desktop is still a far cry off my personal fave settings and I can’t even find many of the stuffz I wanna change and customize to my liking. Still anybody, even me, should be able to become productive on MX-16 pretty much right away, in its Out of the Box state. And I also found MX-16 to be well-endowed with software for all tasks you set out to do. Not going into details now, but you’ll find everything from office, via internet to graphics programs in MX-16. Still the 1.2GB ISO file isn’t heavier than most other full distros.


So, my final verdict for MX-16: OK-ish. Fast and stable but clunky. And why even go there if you can have all the yummyness with Orc’s old Debian fave distro, the indestructible and everlasting, always medium-fresh Point Linux? That one comes, in addition to Xfce, also with MATE as a DE to choose from. And is kinda sparsely endowed, which is always a good point from Orca’s point of view. Makes stuff 37% neater, friendlier and more easy. 🙂



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