Girls Can’t Do Linux!

And that’s a fact!

Or is it?

NaomiCyborgWatch Naomi SexyCyborg Wu in this brand new video, fresh of today, install Linux Mint on her laptop. Yes, I said install. She’s not just using Linux on her boyfriend’s machine, which would be too fukn easy, but she installs the system herself. No useless boyfriend needed for such a super easy thing.

And the best is, Naomi is praying us through the whole operation, from download  via preparing the USB stick with the ISO on it, up to the actual installation. Hey, she even shows us how to make the system Dual Boot. As you might know by now Orca ain’t a fan of dualbooting, but if you really need/want, now you’ve been shown how. :/

Lookywatchy …

See, the stupid chink even makes her life more difficult than necessary by installing the Xfce flavour. :/ Well, it’s a free world and China’s a free country, so she can do it, and so can you. Just the result will not be as nice as with Cinnamon/Mate. But okeee, not my business, right?

Now you only need to know how to create a bootable USB-Stick with the installation file on it. So here you go:

And of course your Minty goodness (all three flavours) waits for you here:

Anyhoo, you know Orca did it, repeatedly. And now Naomi did it as well. So what the fock you waitin’ for?

Oh, and you notice Naomi’s doing it on an older Lenovo TinkPad. And what did auntie Orca always tell you about 2nd hand Lenovo ThinkPads? They rock! Cheaper by the dozen and unkaputtable! So get one, put Linux on it, and find instant bliss and enlightenment.

# Orca and Naomi doing it



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