Siduction Linux

Hello again!

After the unsucessful attempt to drive my camper van through Sansara’s snowlands and find a nice boondocking space for the night I needed something else to do. And, whoa, haven’t I just downloaded the Siduction ISO file for trying it out on OrcNet as a lightweight and fast system to run? Yes, I did. 😉 So, no problem doing my test now …

Siduction a couple seconds after installaton. This is how the Mate desktop greets you. Hmm, pretty much the same as in all the other distros. No secrets here.

First thing I notice is the super humble presentation of Siduction on the interwebz: All they have is a forum with a download option for the various flavours. You should know Siduction is based on Debian’s Unstable branch “Sid” (hence the name) and that’s what I want. Unstable in Debian means it’s still super rock solid stable and will outlast pretty much every other Linux system out there. Windows and Mac don’t even need apply.

Couple minutes later I’m well on the way modding the environment to my special taste and workflow when suddenly …

I remember I once tested Siduction a couple years back (in 2014 precicely). But it was a completely different beast back then, totally geeky and nearly impossible to install for dough eyed Orca. Well, that has changed, Siduction uses the super nice Calamares installer these days and poses no threat and no difficulties to even the newest doofus.

… I realize before I go any further first we gotta make sure this Linux will run a Second Life viewer. Uh oh, LL is not amused with my attempt. But, come on, I know that OrcNet is a shitty cheapo Acer craptop, so in good old Orca fashion I ignore all the warnings …

Of course it’s much too early for an honest conclusion but I have a very good feeling about Sid on OrcNet. My little Acer weakling seems to handle Sid quite well and makes a spunky appearance. More testing is needed, of course, but it may very well be that I’ve found OrcNet’s future travel partner for the long term.

… and \o/ YAY! \o/ Orca’s lovely ass is in world. It’s not beautiful and not sexy and looks like crap on a stick. But for standing around, chatting, engaging in IMs, deleting group notices and sorting the inv it’ll do just fine. We plan to only grace Germany with two weeks of our presence and for that short amount of time I don’t need more.

Yes, yes, I know during the last couple years I tried and tested dozens of candidates for my little fugly princess, some of which I even really liked. And in the end it was always my trusted Manjaro that went to Germany with us. Let’s see if we can break the cycle this time. 😉

Too many flavours to remember, so I made a snapshot. And you know which DE Orca uses anyway, right?

Ok, so even without coming to a final conclusion about Sid’s future on OrcNet, let me come to a conclusion regarding its widespread use by you, my SL comrades, sisters and Linux n00bs: Hands off! It’s not for you!

Explainificaton: As stable and unproblematic as Debian is, and as much as we love and adore the super easy Mate desktop, let’s not forget Siduction is but a small distro from the fringes of the Linuxiverse. I didn’t peek in the forum yet but I guess it’s very geeky and one wouldn’t understand anything of what’s going on there. Even to get to the download file took me several minutes and made me click thru shit I have no clue about. Honestly, if you want a nuclear proof Debian Linux, there are other, easier ways to get it. The speed advantage of the unstable Sid repo is minimal, so I’d go with Mint Debian Edition (LMDE), MX 17/18, Sparky or similar Debians for human beings. Don’t be daft like Orcs and risk your mental health just for the questionable honour of being the geekiest girl on the block. Just get a pair of buttfugly horn-rimmed glasses and get the same effect without risking your computers integrity. =^.^=

Orca leads the geek girl brigade: She runs Linux and sports the fugly horn-rimmed glasses. So uncool it’s cool again.


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