10 Months on Manjaro


No, it’s not really an anniversary or sumfink remarkable or any special date. But I just noticed MiniMax, my production, Second Life and daily rider machine is on Manjaro since quite some time. Actually we’re working without any accidents since, like, ~10 months now. More or less 24/7. And didn’t fuk up a single time. Neither did the distro. All updates went, super smooth, like your favourite sexy lube, ya know? πŸ˜‰

I hope it stays so smooth. /me knocks on wood to avoid bad juju. 😐

Why is the cover off? I took it off on the first day so hubby and me could marvel at all the new hardware under the hood. And after that I was just too lazy to put it on again. ^.^

But anyhoo, do you know, do you have the faintest idea how long 10 mth are in Linux time? Exactly! Three phukken lifetimes. Most of us users are much too restless and geeky and playful to leave our machines alone. The boys are playing with their tech all the time and breaking things on a daily basis.

Well, I installed Manjaro and went straight to work, no play, no experimentation, no nonsense. And lo and behold, this ostensibly so fragile rolling release model turned out to be absolutely stable. No broken updates, no apps going bad. My Archy system is dependability personified! Since 10 mth, the longest time I had any operating system running on any of my machines in, like, evaaaar!

Me knocks on wood again.

Knock knock


    • Pretty okay. πŸ˜‰ By now I’ve to say that Manjo is more than okay. Actually pretty close to Minty goodness of the Arch world. For a while I was disappointed in Manjaro and found a better home in Namib and then in Archman and then in Endeavour. I absolutely love Endeavour but it’s not comparable to Manjo and serves a different user clientΓ©le. And then I decided to give Manjaro another chance … and whoohoo!

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