20 Months on Manjaro

Weird anniversary, ain’t it? But as it so happened I wrote about my love for this supi-dupi Linux OS 10 month ago, when I was celebrating 10 months of uninterrupted use and first-class service by the Manjo dev team.

Orca’s personal boringest desktop of all time. 😉

I know as good as anybody there is no universal bestest Linux in existence. But for many users many distros come pretty close to perfect, and for me it is Manjaro with the Mate desktop and my personal modifications. Show me an uncustomized Mate and I would run away as fast as I can. 😐

Wanna know why I’m using Manjaro? Because …

  • It’s Arch-based. Means for me I know just enough command lines in the terminal to do basic things but not enuff to get into serious trubbel.
  • If you love it you can use the terminal; and I happen to love it. It’s faster and more elegant than clicking with the mouse through countless windows in the GUI.
  • You don’t have to use the terminal tho, as you can achieve everything in the GUI. Many of you might prefer it this way. Manjaro doesn’t care and would never discriminate any user.
  • For my uses, light office and blogging work and media usage, Manjo is not just very fast but also ultra robust. So I don’t need to revert to Debian, as Manjaro is plenty stable enough and never crashes.
  • Manjaro is available with many Desktop Environments (often the prettiest in their class) and Window Managers if you’re more the geeky type.
  • Updates coming in like clockwork and installing flawlessly. In the rare case of occurring problems we just wait one or two days, try it again … and voila. Marvellous!
  • I love the easy handling. You can also turn your Manjo install into a crashy geekfest, more down to earth consumer grrls like me, we are happy with the luxurious environment which makes Manjaro easy peasy like Mint.
  • Manjaro is officially not Arch. Not even the Manjaro devs claiming it’s Arch. But you know we have access to the Arch User Repository (AUR), the fancy commands and always fresh and up-to-date software. And the latest Linux Kernels as well, so we can use the newest computers. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck … I take a big bite off Manjaro’s tasty drumstick. For me Manjaro is factually Arch by all intent and purpose. Just with that certain extra of special sauce. Lekka. 😉

No, I’m not saying you must install Manjaro. I’m saying you must install Linux! If you’re a sane, not-too-geeky mom n pop user, chances are big that sooner or later you’ll land on Manjaro anyhoo. And it’s one of the best places to land in the Linux-Verse. 😉


    • No. I’m not even sure what sysemd is exactly. Some geeky stuff, right? Never used it for anything. It doesn’t influence my work on my computer at all.
      Or does it? :/


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