Loadshedding. Aaaaarrrrgs. :(

Look at this cool thing that I just got today:

Should power the ONT and Router for 5 hours or so. Long enough to get us trough even the longest loadshedding blackouts. And we can even charge cellphone from its combined 21,600mAh, 60W LiFePO4 batteries. This is the latest in battery technology n stuff.

Unfortunately does the fuxn ONT come with the most evil, proprietary powerplug that won’t fit this superduper powerbank. Will return it tomorrow and ask the clerks what to do in this special case. ;|

It could have been so nice tonight but as things look now it’s lights out for Orcsi at 20:00h. Oh my, only 40 minutes to go, need to download the one or other movie until then.

Cya tomorrow.

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