A NEW LOOK! – Linux Mint 21.1 Beta Impressions

The next, very positive pre-view of Mint 21.1 comes from our Australian correspondent IG:

Time to take a quick look at the new visual changes and other tweaks coming to Linux Mint 21.1 in the recently released beta. First impressions incoming…

#linuxmint #cinnamon #switchtolinux

0:00 How Mint succeeds
1:27 Outline
1:52 Display scaling
2:26 Updated Mint-Y theme
3:55 Updated Mint-Y icons and cursor
5:07 Driver & Update Manager
5:50 Software Manager visual changes
7:34 More modernising needed
9:02 What would you add/change?

Nice to be reminded that the Mint team is putting the user – that’d be you! – front, rear and center. So this is yet another time they succeed in giving us a really ez-pz operating system for people who need to get stuff done, not necessarily Linux geeks.

In other words: Everything stays the same, they just tweaked it slightly. No revolutionary shit, not the umpteenth re-invention of the wheel. This Shit just werkz!

That’s why we all love the Minty goodness, right?

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