Oubaas Therapy: Progress on the Roof and More Blinkenlights.

Koos took me shopping for more lights today:

Reverse lights, indicator lights, running lights, some lights not showing in the pic. Also 3 meters of orange window tint.
Ooooh fancy! 🙂 2-ways dashboard camera.
Unbelievable what amount of funny and useful shit those nifty Chinese produce for fancy grrls like me.
Back in the shop: Ouby does look so much better now. Welding is hard since the panels tend to buckle under the heat.
Hard to see in pic but the laser measure thingie shows the walls are more slanted in front and more steep in back. Very nice work, and looks pretty organic.
On driver side Koos had to get angry with the panelbeater. 😐
Also not easy to see but Koos made round roof edges for better style and stability.

After what I’ve seen today I’m a pretty happy hippo. 🙂 From now on it can only become better.

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