Wavey Diary: Day 895

Good morning, One and All!

Imagine Orca, more or less bored sifting thru her daily morning patrol, and out of habit opening IOL and searching for Omicron. Now experience tells us there is nothing to be found, no Corona news since weeks and life’s back to normal.

So I did today, expecting nothing but … OY VEY! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Aaaaw, come on now! You fukfaces actually predict a 6th wave just because now, at the coldest time of winter, more people are developing flu-like symptoms? Is it that? I’m sick too, must take some aspirin now and then I’m good to start the day by going to the gym. And anyway, even if they all are properly diagnosed as Covid-19 infections, we know from experience that up to now each new wave was less dire and dangerous than the previous.

And who are those medical experts you speak of? A befriended nurse who noticed more sickos in her hopsital, ruining her lunch break? Is that it?

We all know that South African journalists have a natural aversion against cold facts, but please don’t press the alarm button if you don’t have proper evidence.

In just a coupla days we’ll reach the 900 days marker. And, you know, Covid-19 was already a thing some weeks before SA went into lockdown, some of you went into lockdown even earlier than we, so we’re talking about 900+ days. This is super strange since humanity is now much advanced from earlier occurances, and we should have gotten rid of that Corona thing much much earlier, right?

So I guess we can rest assured that all the alarm bells we heard now are just made to cash in in on the last unsold marges of vaccines and face masks and in order to get your children hooked up as well.

Sleep well and cya laterz


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