Hello one and all, my at least 712 highly intelligent wonders of the interwebz, I couldn’t come up with a headline for the following collection of news snippets and Twats from around the world. But I can say with some authority you won’t feel good after looking at it. No matter what side you’re on, no matter if you’ve already been hit or not. I can guarantee that nobody of us will come out of it more happierer or richer. 😦

Okay, let’s start:

My new Gravatar:

Just so you know.
Black Mirror showrunners couldn’t come up with a more dystopian screenplay. 😮

And it’s fukn reality:

You can’t make this shit up: The winner has a chance to survive the coming winter. What a great prize!
One more reason to visit mother Russia this winter.


The West is winning the “information war”?

You guys are so cool! 😮

In case you didn’t know yet:

Ignorance is a powerful drug. 😦
Why listen to the experts when my wobbly psyche tells me it’s okay to hate Russia?
Wot? Wait? That weren’t the Russians? 😮
Listening to ivy league guys is so boring. Where’s my gun?
Looks like Gandalf but 1000x more smarter.

Of course only if the combinated west really wanted peace … which they never do.

Siding with a hand puppet is never a good idea. You never know who’s hand they have stuck in their backside.
Coz war = Profit!
Self-evidently boring and not what we wanted to hear. Baah.
Uschi v.d. Crazy will remain in office for maybe 2, 3 more months tops …
Not entirely correct. 😐
See what happens to a united and solidary west, when it gets cold outside.

And now shit really hits the fan!

Do they have to copy the US in all aspects?
Against advice by experts but on orders from Washington/London aholes.

When diagrams lie: A vast majority is unhappy with the German govt but we only look at the blue bars. 😐

Blunt propaganda
LOL? Really? Are you not a EU citizen?

Here’s the real reason why nobody wants to play with Russia: Fear. Fear makes you aggressive. Fear makes you intolerant. Fear makes you dangerous. Fear makes you blind for reality. 😦

What are you so afraid of?

And since Suff Effrica is a nice little country, junior partner in BRICS and good frens with Russia and no enemies, we even get to pay a little less for our fuel. 😉


  1. What happened to my Beautiful Lady Frenemy?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Some kind of Sex Reassignment?!?!?! Transgender Surgery Female To Male?!?!?!?!?!?! *ALAS*!!! Sorry, Orca, but that beard makes you look horrible, and that has to be the biggest chin I have ever seen on a human!!! Ditto on ‘Da *ALAS*!!!

    MNSKY was right…

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    • When I search for that photo on the interwebz the only link I find goes to some baseball player, Bobby Valentine. I just guess it’s a Russian speznak or some other happy commie.
      All I know exactly is that isn’t me. 😉


  2. Speaking of “HOT WATER-TOURS TO RUSSIA” ‘n Himmler’s infamous searches for people wid big jaws/chins, a narrow nose, and high cheek bones – what are your fascist news sites saying about the fascist Russian invaders being routed by the Ukrainians?

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    • 1) I never use fascist news sites, since I appreciate unbiased news. Something you rarely get from Western media. We caught them lying, redacting, erasing, ignoring all sorts of reports.
      2) the Russian military aren’t fascists either
      2a) far as I know the Russian expeditionary forces have neither invaded nor are they engaged in any war against the Ukraine. They are supporting the Donbass republics’ militias while they are slowly but surely liberating the towns and villages occupied by the Ukrainian army. It’s still an Ukrainian civil war, and Russia’s the good uncle supporting the struggling people by sending jedi knights. 🙂

      Dunno if you noticed how few Russian military personal is inside Ukraine. 98% of the ground fighting is done by Donbass militia, allied Chechen troops and Wagner mercenary contractors (far as I know mostly retired Russian officers and specialists). Russia itself provides artillery and airforce support.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if – as soon as the last Ukro soldier is removed from Donbass soil – they’ll just stop, pack everything in and going back home. I guess it all depends on the Ukrainian leaders and their American/European/NATO handlers in how far this is possible. Not too optimistic for peace talks so they’ll possibly be forced to actually join the real war and grind down the fascist troops, and fight on until the boiling hellhole Ukraine is completely erased. That will be a completely new scenario … for everybody. If Russia mobilizes the troops for war it will be a sight to behold, a spectacle like the world hasn’t seen before.

      If the west is smart they better don’t disturb the still hibernating bear.


      • *SNICKER* You are gullible, but not that gullible, which makes you at least a supporter Totalitarianism – that is, any of the Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Nazi and Progressive covers that such Governments use in order to maintain “unprecedented control and regulation by the State over human activity.” ‘Paper Bear‘ Putin is basically using Hitler’s playbook (e.g. Poland) – that is, Lies Lies & more Lies.

        If Russia mobilizes the troops for war it will be a sight to behold, a spectacle like the world hasn’t seen before.

        Well, maybe you are that gullible!?!?! Russia has been having problems training ‘n arming the troops that they have recently coaxed into joining the unprovoked war. ISW can say it better than me…

        Dig this:

        “Large-scale conscription would very likely overwhelm the Russian MoD’s ability to induct, train, and equip new soldiers, particularly since the Russian training base appears to be strained in preparing the limited numbers of volunteer battalions currently being fielded. Russia would likely first have to expand its training base significantly, a time-consuming process, and then find and prepare for combat sufficient equipment to kit out large numbers of new units before it could even begin to handle a large influx of new conscripts. Widely-reported Russian materiel shortages suggest deep failures in the Russian military industry that would make generating the necessary equipment, ammunition, and supplies for a large conscript army very difficult.”

        Ukraine has been at war wid Russia since 2014 ‘n it shows…

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        • “Ukraine has been at war wid Russia since 2014 ‘n it shows…”

          Thx very much for finally admitting this well-known (by the world) but largely ignored (by the west) fact. Now it’s out: America’s puppet, the Zelensky regime is shelling the Donbass and it’s mostly Russian population since 2014, causing hundreds and thousands of deaths … and now you and your lying pack of fascist hardliners and manipulators act all surprised and outraged. You should’ve fukn listed in 2009. But you were so high and mighty and so full of yourfuknself. And now … oh my. Ohmyohmyohmy …

          The first part of your shameful post I will ignore for now. For your own protection.

          Your own gullible … ness? Gullible-ty? Shows clearly when you try to belittle the Russian military. Haven’t you heard about the 60,000 combat-ready troops waiting directly at the border, just in case anyone tries anything stupid on the Ukrainian side? And their standing military force is much much biggerer. Russia can mobilize a fukn million troops inside of days! The only way NATO can “win” this self-created and provoked confrontation is by going nuclear. And I hope they have some generals who are not as completely bonkers as the politclowns.


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