A sassy Happy Thanksgiving

Now that the Squid Game hysteria is gone in RL, SL is catching up with it!

Watch Isa’s latest dance and fashion video, it’s really great … if you like bad music and cheap ho’s clothes. ^.^

Isabelle Cheren

It’s Friday and I gave a thought to Christmas.

Whilst I’m giving that thought I’ll just wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans across the pond who celebrate this holiday.

The photo is far from indicative of the sentiment but I hope you know I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Meanwhile back here in the U.K. we are just going into the last weekend before December starts. It’s getting colder and I’m getting out my winter gear as I’m hoping I’ll get to wear it this winter. Last year wasn’t as cold. I’m very hopeful for the white stuff can you tell.

Unlike my avatar who seriously leaves nothing to the imagination. Chilly!!!!!! Brrrrrrrrr



Cosa Nostra Collection from Spoiled at the EQUAL10 November

HDPRO Majer soft head fromCATWA

Alley Backdrop from Paleto at the EQUAL10 Event November

Calamity hair from Truth


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