Corona Diary: Day 610

20 months now. TWENTY!

Ohayo and namaste, my lovely co-Coronas

Without further ado, let’s check the latest – as of yesterday – news. ‘kayyyy …

Let’s start with a clever story. It’ll become stupid after that one, believe you me:

Now into the thicc of it:

See, that’s what happens if you are open and transparent, you’ll be made the villain. Human life emerged from Southern Africa, so all the sick shit comes from there as well! Or wot? Didn’t we establish that Covid-19 was made in China, on American orders?!?!

Panic over No Cases? Now I understand why the ladies at the gym all agreed “UK? They the wurst!”

SA Health MInister: “Wasn’t us.”

Poor Botswana. They live from safari tourism.

On one hand I’m kinda happy to get all the corona news served to me, and Europe and UK in panic – so I have stuff to write about + we don’t need to worry about having to jet over there anytime soon – on the other hand I’m very worried about the state of the human mind. Many people have forgotten how to think rationally while others making big bucks and gaining big power. Do we want that?

Oh, btw, noticed how stupid some of the quotes are? “… every confidence that vaccines are still effective …”. Such unprecise shit I don’t wanna hear from the health dept! FFS, either they are effective or they are not! And I won’t get vaccinated just becoz some politclown is feeling confident.

And anyway, yes, the numbers are higher, as I wrote yesterday already. But really, 12 death and 2828 new cases a sign for a pandemic? Particularly since a Covid infection these days is far from the life-threating danger it used to be in early 2020. That doesn’t mean you should unprotected mingle with strangers. Stay away from churches, temples, mosques and mass gatherings, have your groceries delivered, do plenty yoga and you’ll be fine.

And wear your fuxn mask!



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