The Mouse that Roared and got a Stern Warning!

Say what you want about the Britz, they are stubbornly clinging onto their former glory and pretend to be still a mighty empire. Too bad if you poke an angry bear tho. 😮

Now now, I guess the memos were sent out already in 1812 and again in 1945: You can’t invade Russia! Better armies than yours made this experience and were annihilated. And nowadays you get a bloody nose when you even enter thru the door … uninvited! Well, Brits and cognitive abilities are 2 things not going well together. 😐

I can hardly wait for the next funny story, probably next week, when they’ll undeniably try to create unrest in China’s backyard. But be warned: Them Chinks know a thing or two about kung-fu!

Po is already looking forward to the British surprise visit

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