Linux Mint 20.2 Beta Release

Are you as excited as I am? LOL, I hope you’re much more excited than I, coz Mint’s made for you and you’re using it. Not me. Anyhoo, after my initial report about the release of the Beta version, now Tom made an in-depth video about it. And he’s got interesting stuff to tell you.

Regarding Warpinator and Android, yes it werkz! And not just on Mint. Hubby and I are sending stuff from his Android phone to various Arch-type Linux installs since months already. And there’s more new shit in 20.2, which is also a LTS version, so good until 2025. Cinnamon desktop comes in version 5.0 and more small newnesses to look forward to.

Most important tho, and the reason why Orca recommends Mint for everybody, even tho she herself doesn’t use it: Shit just werkz! No need to install the Debian version LMDE, normal run-of-the mill Ubuntu-based version will give you a very uncrashy, userfriendly and complete experience. No, Mint ain’t the most flashy, hip and fashionable Linux. Never was, never will be. It’s a relentless workhorse tho, fully packed with goodies, for people who need to get shit done, people with a low bullshit tolerance level.

So, as every time when a new Mint verion is released, this is the perfect opportunity for you to bid a fond farewell to Windows, jump ship – at least partially – and join the happy penguin side of computing. Your perfect jump-off point is right here!

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