This is Why We Hate …

… the fukn Linux Foundation. Read!

Sounds good, right? Fancy new technology helping mankind to survive/progress n shit. No commercial software house could be bothered with such a world-spanning mega-project. All groovy, everybody party, happy happy joy joy. πŸ™‚

The fuk!

Don’t they see what this Covid-19 Passport is designed to do and to achieve in the next couple years? Divide people, divide nations, create new borders, create hate. Split between privileged inoculated people, who can fly and travel everywhere freely and the poor non-vaccinated plebs (or poor schmucks having received the politically wrong vaccine) that won’t hardly be allowed to leave their dwellings and will never get good jobs/education.

A perfect opportunity for nepotism, moneymaking schemes and crimes on a whole new level. Every wannabe dictator’s and democratically elected politician’s wet dream come true. Total control over your population, new ways to get critical and generally hated laws through the parliament without much hesitation.

It’s what conservative politicians mean when they talk about the New Normal and the Great Reset.

And the socially inept geeks of the Linux world are their willing helpers. 😦

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