Is Linux Mint Collecting Data?

Mörnin’ delightful Minties!

After you barely escaped Microsoft’s and Apple’s slavery schemes and doing your best to not fall prey to the Google data kraken, this is the last thing you wanna worry about. Your trusted Linux distro spying on you! 😮

Clem said it time and again, Mint doesn’t collect your fukn data! … but … kidz, I have no clue, and as a selfless Crash Test Dummy I don’t even care much. But let’s watch Tom’s video about all the rumours and see if he’s able to clear some stuff up … or confuse us even more. :/

There have been a questions about Linux Mint and Data Collection, so I wanted to look everything over and see what reality seems to be. We will look at some Linux Mint blog posts and talk about how that relates to Microsoft and Pi. Linux Mint has always been firm on not wanting to collect data.

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