Orca’s a Kool Kid Now!

Look and marvel and go Aaaah! and Ooooooooh!

You see it?

Yeah, was at the Gigabyte agents again and decided on the spot to upgrade from decent 16GB to koolkidz-like 32GB of juicy RAM. Why? Because I can. Just came home and LEGO’d the memory stick into the machine.

Everybody now: Aaaaaaaw! Ooooooooooh!

This is how unspectacular it looks when you transcribe your pomcuting machine from lowly 8GB to happy happy delightful 32GB inside just a couple days. Oh, and let me add for my mother: “Here mom, here’s what I made from your money!” πŸ™‚ Not that she will ever see it … or this blog … or any computer at all. LOL =^.^=

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