Second OFFshore test race with TMS-I-Mocca60 at Saint Aubrey

Nicole, Kim, Sirius, Ian, Moon, Larry, Adeli and Sea came yesterday for our second OFFshore test race to sail our I-Mocca60 course with wind from South West and 21knots. Palani joined the race 10min after the fleet started and crashed unfortunately in last quarter.
Sundays are mostly risky to organise a race, because conditions can be very laggy nearly everywhere in sl. Lot people are online and get their vehicles out. Our area was quite calm fortunately and like to say that we were quite successful with 6 finishers out of 9 starters with this big boat.

the fleet at the briefing
still some space for some more boats
The fleet slowly setting sails and starting
the boats on the run

Some were concerned during the week when they came for some practicing that the start with spin could be a problem with 8 boats… but it went all fine and clear

Larry, Moon and Sirius with the best start
followed by Adeli, Ian, Sea, Kim and Nicole followed only a bit later
the 4 musketeers: Ian, Adeli, Larry and Moon close together on the first upwind part

this picture is only an example for the exciting fight the 4 has all thw way to the lighthouse
even a dozen sims later the for were still together, changing here and there the positions

The long run (approx 18sims) mostly west and northwest to the lighthouse at sim Shoebow passing buoy CS, IS, Degrand island and buoy OW in a little snake line was a boat to boat race of Adeli, Ian, Larry and Moon with lots of position changes. Larry and Ian reached the lighthouse over lapped and Larry didnt realise that and made a nice but too close turn around the lighthouse. Ian did the same on the inside and git stopped unfortunately by Larry. Additional to that his boat showed after that to Southwest and it took him some time to get out of the iron status again. In the meantime Larry, Adeli and Moon sailed away a bit and Nicole and Sea caught up with Ian.
There are along the course some marina corners you might want to cut, but as i said in the briefing its very risky. Sirius and Kim tried that and saw too late that one marina owner had put up a transparent wall. They got stuck in it for minutes and only edit could help them out. So from that on Sirius was quite far behind the fleet and i think Kim gave up there (not sure but she might confirm that).
Back on speed Ian caught up with Adeli and Moon again quite fast around the sand island on Hatstat. The 3 had then a great fight all the way back to the finish.

Moon, Ian and Adeli again close together on their way back
the three still very close together at the last buoy (OE) before finish
Larry finished
Ian followed and finished only a little before Moon
Adeli followed them just a bit later

While i was looking for Sirius on the course i missed the finish of Nicole. Sorry Nicole.

Sirius finished bravely after his problems cutting a corner

The fights for the lead to the lighthouse and then the whole way back looked really exciting. Only interrupted by the accident between Larry and Ian.
This isnt only a testrace for you sailors. It is a test for me as well and i learned a couple of things yesterday. My mistake was i gave Larry his penalty too late because i didnt want him to make the 360° in the fighting group. Thats why i couldnt watch it and i believe that he said he did it.
But anyway, next time i will order “moor” and then continue again. That can be done asap and even within a group like we had them yesterday. Then everyone sees it and there will be no doubts in the discussions afterwards. Sorry that i caused these confusions and will do better next time.

The second race yesterday went already a lot better than last week. Most took the chance during the week and practiced the course and sailed really well. This gives me a lot of hope we will see soon some more boats and very similiar exciting duels along the course.

Stay all safe and healthy and hope to see you next week again.

huga and kisses


  1. As i mentioned after race, i did not cut that corner by intention. That building rezzed late for me, so i had to go around it. This would have worked if that huge invisible non phantom wall werent there. Wondering what spin peoples mind to build … how to say that diplomatic…in such “special” way. In his Sim description are words about /quote: unblockable sailing /end quote/ and such phrases. i was really upset about that. Btw i hit a TP button by accident, otherwise i would have edit out and continue.

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    • on this course it can be helpful to add some landmarks for some corners. And yes the private sims along the open water sims are more laggy and they rez slower.
      That transparent wall is an absolute NoGo. I didnt know there was one (otherwise i would have mentioned it in the briefing).
      Shame you hit the tp button, but i know that can happen easily. Hope you will be more successful next time.

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  2. Well not everyone was happy when I got comments like: “hmm no confrats there…he sailed dirty
    congrats*”. Well out of order in my view. Supposed to be friendly racing not some cut throat competition. I didn’t see an overlap and ignored the boat clear astern in favour of avoiding the boat tacking in front of me rounding the lighthouse. But, hay ho, the RD says I was at fault and asked for a 360. I did 2x 360 just in case I had made another cockup. Still, when I point this out I get comments like “unfortunately we have to believe your word on the 360’s since nobody saw it happen…not even the people sailing behind you…but the RD of this race chose to take your word for it” Really not a pleasant way to spend Sunday. But, thank you for organising it Bianca and doing the race reports. Great effort.

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    • 1. i know from my own experiences that it is very hard to see the overlapping with the boat behind me and i thought already several times that the was no overlapping and the others confirmed there was. I learned in this case not to believe my own sight but the sight of the RD.
      2. You have been in the lead by about a bit more than one sim (~260m), when i asked you for the 360°. I have atm no feeling how long it takes to do a 360° in the IMocca and st that part of the course the speed was around 20knots which means you need 25sec to cross a sim. So i wont believe the others would have passed you but they should have gotten closer. To be honest i havent watched the dots all the time on minimap and was focused more at the fight of the 3 behind you. You say you did it so i believe you.
      3.Sometimes after a race comments can get a bit too emotional. I got those or did those alreay myself in the past and knew next morning it would have been better to say nothing next time.

      Lets try to close this chapter and start again next week for new fun.

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  3. You have invisible non-phantom walls ON THE COURSE??? 😮
    Or did anon just not activate visibility of banlines? Whatever, those things are built on private property, on which we should not sail anyways.

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