Let’s Call it the “American Spring”

Because what happens in America right now is reminiscent of what happened all over the Middle East just a short while ago. Conducted and financed by the USA people stood up against their gov’mts. Now the US is going through the same sort of spring, only the new uprisings aren’t steered by any foreign powers but entirely homemade.

Ok, remember the CNN correspondent team that was arrested while broadcasting live? There seems to be some sort of brutal police strategy behind it, coz now it happened to a Deutsche Welle team. Look:

LOL, most Germans don’t even watch or just remotely like the DW, since they are making pro-German, pro-NATO propaganda. And still the Minneapolis Police force wants no witnesses. Not even friendly ones. :/

Anyhoo, let’s hope Minneapolis is just the beginning. But why does it always need one or more dead victims before people wake up and do something?

Oh, look what I just found:

The American Spring?

It’s not much but most revolutions start with just a little bit of civil disobedience. And with people solidarizing and co-operating and working in union. It’s high time our American comrades learn how to do it!

More news:

To Serve and Protect?

Looks like they serve and protect only gov’mt and their own interests against the American people. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ




  1. The bus headline is odd… arrested peeps are not moved via public transit but by police busses.

    Lots & lots of news crews have been fired upon. A local crew was live and recorded a cop aiming directly at them, despite being well ID’d as press and standing exactly where they’d been told to.

    There are posts showing undercover cops within the crowds in NY (using “color of the day” armbands and blue wristbands to ID them to uniformed officers, bulletproof vests clearly visible under their shirts) and being the ones inciting the crowds to violence.

    Sad that this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last.

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    • “arrested peeps are not moved via public transit but by police busses.”

      Maybe police drivers were all busy doing the arrests, so they rented drivers from city transport authority or sumfink?


  2. Wow… your news source wins. I just saw Santa Monica using a city bus to transport arrested looters to police station (they’re processed and released… most get small fine, but lose a hell of a lot of time).

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    • The very few times I got arrested by police they were kinda polite, and just asked us to plant down our asses in some waiting room and wait for dunno what. I guess they just waited for the end of the protest and then said thank you, we don’t need you anymore, you can go now.


      • That’s probably going on here too. We’re told they get “ticketed”, which is faster than full processing (fingerprinting, write up etc). Also depends on what they were doing when stopped.

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  3. ps Looting all over my city (Long Beach), including a little over 2 blocks from me. So far, only a shoe warehouse. But I hear lots of car horns, meaning people are gathering in area of a strip mall which was trashed during 92 riots. It has a supermarket, CVS, and Star*ucks… all targets of the looters.

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    • “all targets of the looters.”
      Oh I don’ like stuff like that. Not at all! Smashing windows, stealing coffee from Starfucks, ain’t political protest but just criminal. They dishonour the honourable cause and make everybody look bad and not credible.

      Fux deserve to be arrested and booked in and spend at least a night in jail and pay a hefty fine … and face a civil lawsuit for the damaged property.


      • Several downtown businesses were torched. So far, not nearly as bad as the 92 riots but still a lot of “because I can” and nothing to do with police vs black men.

        Peaceful protesters were left alone. Some tried to prevent looting.

        It’s sad… the violence will lead to the exact stereotypes the protests are trying to end.

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        • Zacly. And it turns the protests into something everybody wants to avoid: Cops vs Black criminals when it should be The Regime vs The People, which it now is.


          • The looters are every color.

            I had to turn the channel when a situation suddenly started escalating. Because the business owners were armed, the cops couldn’t figure out who was who. They started arresting the black citizens who were trying to protect the store instead of the white med with assault rifles or the looters who were running away. I didn’t see how it played out but it was a great example of prejudice and why being armed makes the situation confusing for cops. Also that being armed did not stop the group from deciding to loot… it was rapidly escalating into a situation where the owners would have to decide if they were really willing to kill someone.

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            • “decide if they were really willing to kill someone”
              That’s not a decisiosn to make for victims/shop owners, ffs! Aren’t American shops insured against theft? Let those gold-digging insurances suffer a bit, too!


              • Ahhh… the moral issues of the 2nd amendment vs corrupt insurance. And people who don’t process that “things” matter less than humans.

                Insurance companies, if not already protected from paying out, will find a way to cover very little damage.. and will take months to process those claims. Small business owners won’t be able to recover.

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