Cica’s Elephants in Second Life

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Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

Cica Ghost: Elephants

Cica Ghost opened her latest installation on Sunday, May 31st, and it is another delight. Entitled Elephants, it offers visitors the opportunity to go on a night-time photo safari to film elephants.

Set on a grassy, somewhat humpy landscape and among trees, these elephants wander, stand or sit individually or in little groups. Whether they are African or Indian is up to personal choice – but the setting does perhaps suggest Africa more than India, particularly given the little huts scattered around the landscape.

Static they may be, but through the simple means of animating their eyes, Cica has imbued them with a remarkable depth of life and emotion that really captivates in the degree of expressiveness offered.

Take the pair who standing close to one another, one with trunk raised. At first they may appear to be going about their own, separate, business and just…

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  1. LOL
    The moment I saw this blog title, came in mind my childhood. There were a brand of tomato purée called CICA, whose symbol was an elephant. Later they changed the old elephant for another from a kids comics (Jotalhão)


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    • Oh look, CICA is made by Knorr. And Knorr is a German company. See, that’s how Germans make money from all over the world … without starting another world war. =^.^=
      Lucy, how’s the situation in Brazil right now? Bolsonaro going crazy and all that? Are you save?

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      • Oh, much the same. Bozonaro still creating his own crisis, And as a bad example all over the world:

        And now, without a health minister as a glue, each governor (the presidiot fired two ministers for not following his suicide polytics) is following their own agenda. With covid-19 cases still rising, the local governor is planning to easy the quarantine 😦

        But I’m fine, thx 😉

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        • Good to hear, Lucy. We don’t care much about easying the lockdown since we are kinda in permanent lockdown anyway. Hubby and me are very private and have literally no friends left here in SA. I go shopping like once a week and when the gym opens again I go for daily yoga practice.That’s all. I hope you keep yourself in lockdown by yourself when all the idiots go out again and get infected.

          Stay healthy girlfriend and let’s survive this shit


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