Meanwhile in a Fascist State Far Far Away …


Guys: Watch the video!

Correspondent, camera operator and producer handcuffed and led away. And some of them even white (shame that we need to mention this totally insignificant detail)! They stood exactly where police told them to position themselves, explained they were live on air and still …


People, this is how democracy dies. This is how free speech dies, and this is how our civil rights die. Day by day, minute by minute. 😦

And this isn’t just some smalltime station or “foreign agents”, like RT but the US’s very own propaganda vehicle, CNN!



  1. So fucked up from beginning to end.

    I wonder how the teen store clerks, who started the whole horrible chain of events, by calling police over a *possibly* counterfeit $10 bill, feel. I’d probably be suicidal.

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