• I share files like a real pirate but it’s independent of my OS. So I guess you mean sumfink altogether different.
      LOL! Samba server?

      Jeez, wot are y’all doing with your komputahz???


      • All of my computer’s, most of the time there not turned on for months then occasionally, some 3d art. Mainly they where just for tinkering. Most could be thrown away and not missed. I do 90% of my internet use on an old android phone. Warpinator will mean I’m less reliant on USB sticks – hopefully. The cool name is the best bit though.

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        • Oh, I happen to love my USB sticks. They so cuddly and tiny and yummyum and I put Linux distros on them and take em wiff me to Germania for in case sumfink goes terribly wrong and I need to reinstall my shit. And on one of those sexy things I keep all my personal files, on another my whole music library like the good librarian I always wanted to be. Spent a whole semester of my studies as a student apprentice in a gov’mt archive and fell in love with it. Play with stuff, like medieval documents, whole day long and never have to bother about interacting with other boiz n gurlz.

          Heaven I tell you, heaven!

          But yes, Warpinator is a real kool name.


          • My computerz are off mostly as well, and only get used for the occasional Linux install (Gaga) or when travelling overseas (OrcNet).


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