Prison: Day 64

Goeie môre, dear readers!

It’s early, not very early but too early to know what the day will have in  store for us. But since nothing did change very much in the last 63 days, I’m kinda hopeful today will just be a long steady slow stream of hours.

Let’s have a peek at IOL, South Africa’s news aggregator:

Bleeh blaah blubb!

Apart from the usual mix of sad and hopeful yellow press news we have of course more infected and dead people and totally weird gov’mtl messages on TV/YouTube:


So we’re not forced to mingle with masses of religious nutjobs in cultish places of deity service. Pheeew. 😉 Because I was already asking myself when will this shit hit me? 😮

Hopefully never. We don’t get sick, readers, do we? Coz we smart! We only leave our snail shells when we really have to, no?

Look, even the people from the colonies across the sea stay put!

Unfortunately it looks like your little editrix has to go out today and get some shopping done. Hubby’s coffee stash is almost emptied out and … fuk, we’re running out of cookies and cakes and liquorice and sweet shit. And we need real food, too. Like noodles and potatoes and veggies and fruit and fish and meaty mountains’n all.

A job for Orca in RL!

Okeeeez, laterz peepelz!




    • All went well! Not dead yet, and not infected I guess. They say it takes, like, ten days for first symptoms to show. Which would be a bummer and would look like an STD. 😮
      Hope you stay healthy as well and keep yourself savely off your co-humans in these times. Don’t wanna infect your katzus!


      • lol! I did a socially distanced yard party with my next door neighbors tonight and am completely paranoid about how much I increased my exposure. They’re low risk, lots of exposure (work & daycare), and think precautions are overblown, while I’m high risk and think everything is trying to reopen to early. Wish me luck!@

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        • “everything is trying to reopen to early.”
          Yes, it is leendadll. Fkn capitalist lobbyists creating pressure on the decision makers … will cost us dearly in human lives. 😦
          Good luck in lockdown and self-quarantine! Let’s go save humanity!


          • I respect that my neighbors are sick of each other and have the “this has to be over” mentality. But I also realize it’s sooooo not over… and I’d rather stay is isolation then be a round 2 victim.

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            • Zacly!
              Round one hasn’t even reached its peak yet, and ppl can’t wait to get round two rolling. And it’ll be a bad, very hard hitting boomerang. 😦


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