Windsurfing Race day 12 with Sea Boss Rider at TrYC


We had the best fleet yesterday so far:
Lucy, Sanja, Nicole, Isa, Adeli, Sea, Palani came to join me. Coralie, Henry and Lampoon were watching.

All waited patiently for the start and then tried to find their best place for a good start. We all made the first Crossing after the startline, surrounded the first buoy. It looked like a close and exciting race.

Then we reached one after another the Crossing to Dunai…


and one after another crashed heavily… no exception.

See how Lucy was trying to Login:

It took each of us up to 10min to come back online. Dunai was definetely broken.

4 Hours before the race i asked in Support Chat to restart all race sims and they did.
While i tried to come online i entered the Support Chat again to let them restart Dunai again for a second try of our race, but the Chat was more than one hour before the normal closing time closed.

There was no Chance for getting the race started anymore.

I felt very sorry for all who came with so much hope, expectations and enthusiasm, used their precious time for expected exciting fun and just crashed, but I really hope everyone will forget it and will come back next week to try the same exciting race again.

hugs and kisses



  1. Damn! I felt bad I couldn’t join, but I didn’t miss anything. Sorry for you all.
    For once, the Blake sea was better behaved as we had great nacra races in the morning. Cheers!

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  2. On the screenshot, the minimap shows 3 of the 4 sims offline. And the photo of bald Lucy also shows three sims at the 4-region corner as offline. No wonder nobody got in! 😮


    • “the Chat was more than one hour before the normal closing time closed.”
      The Lindens are in lockdown, same as the rest of us, and trying to handle the grid and deal with pesky customers from their home offices.
      VWs aren’t essential services I guess not. :/


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