A Good Bad Video

What I mean with that enigmatic title is I’m gonna show you a video that is a very good example of a bad (for us) Linux distro. This is in no way a criticism of eznix or his video, quite the contrary. I guess if you’re interested in NuTyX Linux this is the video to watch as installation tutorial. Also, as you might have noticed I added the (for us) in brackets as I can’t and won’t say NuTyX is a bad Linux distro. I don’t have any experience with it, so I can’t make any definitive statements about that crap…zy good Linux.

But let’s watch …

Okay? Did I just hear some brains assplode? Or was it only my own noggin disintegrating into subatomic particles? Now, will, you stop your naggin’ about the perceived Linux overload on Thar She Blows! and be grateful for your super duper nice editrix only telling you about the graspable-by-human-beings part of Linux?

Ain’t I just lovely?

=^.^= Purrrrr =^.^=

And now forget about this NuTyX nightmare, install the Minty Goodness instead and go your merry ways. 🙂



    • Yesyes! And that’s why I’m pushing Linux so hard in this blog, because when done right and in the correct mindset it’s easier than Windows and gives you less trubbelz. 🙂
      The “real” Linux fraggles will never understand it, they use Windows/Mac for work and Linux just to geek out. Fukkaz! 🙂

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