Orca is Nutty

Wheelnutty so to say 😉

Yesterday I could collect Oubaas from the roadholding and alignment expert who magicked my original British imperial rear axle and machined the spacers into metric size, like Hey Presto! And now I only need one spanner to looseytighty all 4 of my weels. That’s cool, isn’t it? Almost like a real car, like something decent. 🙂


And aren’t they so shiny and all new looking? And most importantly I got now 5 wheelnutz on each and every wheel even!!! So the most dangerous part of this van will be the precision driver from now on. The rest seems to be okay. 😉

Hm, next weekend will be the biggest motor show in the Western Cape, down in George, where all the oldtimey cars meet. I’d like to attend as well … but I don’t dare yet.

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