Me Too!

You’ve obviously heard about that conceptually, like, totally new concept of picking out reports and experiences of other people and adding your own similar experience to it … and ultimately keep that thing’s (whatever it is) momentum going … and make yourself more important than you really are. Yes, talking about the Me Too! movement rolling thru Hollywood like a fukn hurricane right now. What, big wig producer grabbed your ass? Bigwig director dared to correct your posture for the important monologue scene that won you the fukn Oscar? And now your star is sinking and you need to see your visage on the titles of all the yellow press rags again? Just shout ME TOO! and bang!, paparazzi love you again! Instant fame!

I saw my chance to become an IT Girl again arrive when I read the latest blog by Drax. See this:

Abandoned by Berry Singh! 😮

My image consultant immediately called me up and told me now would be my time to open my mouth and shout out loud: “ME TOO!”.

So, here we go: “ME TOO!”

Yes, me too was abandoned by one of my most beloved blogger colleagues, one of my huge role models and a symbol for level headedness, fairplay, courage in the face of haters and immeasurable dignity. Dunno if you remember (and why would you?) that some time ago I more or less lighthearted scorned Berry for one of her Monday Memes. Lemme quickly try to find it …

Here it is!

And ever since the day I bloggered this I wondered why none of my comments on any of Berry’s blogstories was published anymore. So the other day I contacted her and asked what’s up with that shit. And Berry just cooly stated that she banned me from commenting on her bloggy for supposedly calling her a scammer. 😮 My analyzis of the sites she used was wrong and paranoid and I’m obviously mentally unstable and she won’t have that in her blog. So, now me, the greatest living Strawberry Singh fan, cannot even send my fangurly messages of support and tolerance anymore. Because I dared to criticise her on technical merits. For having us contact useless websites, data kraken. 😦

That’s all cool and perfectly in her right to do whatever with her blog. But if she really feels she must send reader’s comments to the spam folder I’ve really gotta ask now who’s the paranoid in this scenario?
Berry in her own blog


  1. Thx very much for reminding me of the obvious stupidity of most ppl, Anon. Because if someone told me I had a bad character, first thing I’d do would be thinking about their reasoning and try to figure out where I went wrong … before I would even think about some stupid retribution. Also I did neither point out that Berry had a bad character, neither low moral standard.
    I think she slipped in her attempt to give us something worthwile to do, a new Challenge. Badly. She failed to research those sites, at least the one that promised the most fun but was nothing but a badly implemented Meyers-Briggs test. It even came up with the wrong result, since it differed vastly from the original test.
    I also think it’s nothing to do with low moral, at least not on Berry’s side. A bit sloppy and careless maybe but not evil in any way, shape or form.
    If I would think so bad of her I wouldn’t follow her blog since years, particularly since SL fashion and styling blogs are usually not my world and don’t fall in my interest zone.


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