After Quite a Long Absence

… I’ve decided to partake in one of Strawberry Singh’s Challenges again. Look what it is:

Analyze Your Blog

I only used the Typealyzer, and a bit later I’m gonna tell you why. But first the Typealyzer:

Just a boring Myers-Briggs test

What kinda shocked me was the speed in which Typealyzer typealyzed and stereotyped me. Fill in my blog, hit Enter … and swoosh, there I was! Completely analyzed and ready to go in the next drawer. I wonder if anyone spent any time reading my bloggy and researching my fundamental political and sociological ideas. Rather not methinks. And then look at the list of people who are supposedly just like me: All Americans! What the???

Okay, next:

Marketing Solutions? Marketing???

One look at the front page of was already enough to show me that I was obviously in a completely wrong environment now. I’m not marketing intelligence solutions, neither do I have any competitors. I’m a fukn smalltime hobbybloggy maker, dammit! See why I refused to have anything to do with such a site?

The third analyzer, Socialblade, kinda falls into the same realm as Similarweb. Only they check for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter.


They say it’s easy  and right at my fingertips. Cool. Question remains: WTF is this? I’m much too old and unsocial to care about my “success” in social media. Every time WordPress publishes one of my blogs, I count that as a success. Like “Heyyy, it werkz! \o/”

Can it be that the good old Berry confuses her readership with the attendees of a powermarketing seminar or sumfink? That she takes her own blog/vlog as a blueprint all the rest of us have to strive for? Girl, I’m independently poor, I don’t need to work hard on my blog to create some sort of income. As long as one or three people find this shitty bloggy worthwile enuff to click on it I’m happy.

That’s how my Thar She Blows! bloggy looks like when I’m busy working on it. It’s good enuff for me.

I’d honestly expected more from this challenge. More in dephts analyzing of my blog and my personality, more about what kinda people are clicking on me, what my goals are … not how to reach lots of people and exploit them for marketing reasons.

EDIT: Ok, Emma Watson ain’t American but an English person from Britland. My apologies.

EDITEDIT: Typealyzer might have got it all wrong but that doesn’t bother them. They now got my blog’s address, which is obviously the goal of their operation. Shame on Berry for facilitating such a scam site and shame on me falling for it. 😦




  1. At least it is a fraud that is consistent. I have run both berry’s and your blog through typolizer and the result was all the same 😉
    I also had a look at the site of the company owning the site. They are into all kinds of big data analysis. So I guess that is one of their testfields, and shouldn’t be further fed 😉

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    • Any guess why Berry was doing this as one of her Challenges? Doesn’t she know about the dangers, doesn’t she care, isn’t she as clever as we always thought she was? Or am I just wearing my socialist tinfoil hat?


      • Well I like you snazzy tinfoil hat, so keep wearing that 😉
        Actually I have no clue why she chose this one. I only knew socialblade which is big with youtuber and twitchers, but haven’t heard of the other ones. My guess is (and nothing more) she just looked for sites delivering blog analysis and didn’t look deeper into it.
        If she wanted an analysis to see her type of 4 letter personality I would have rather chosen which I have used, and found rather accurate. And they didn’t get anything from me … except my IP address which is a TOR node 😉

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