Pinguy OS: Nope.

Ahoy fellow Xers,

Computer is supposed to be easy … on which scale and compared to what?

today I thought why not putting the new version of Pinguy OS on MiniMe and see what all the hubbub is about? Pinguy is based, like so so many other distros these days, on Ubuntu 18.04 but is supposed to be, like, really complete, super n00b friendly and has its Gnome desktop made a bit cleverer, even Mac-ish looking.

We all know what that means. Yes, exactly the same as all the other noobie-ish Linux distros it promises a one-size-fits-all solution, which never really worked until just yet. Or did you really think Linux Lite was the absolute bees knees for your first babysteps in Linux? Or Elementary? Only thing they all have in common is the Ubuntu base, but I failed to see any advantages over a “real” Linux distro, such as planetwide beloved Linux Mint. Quite contrary, I always found them to be overloaded with good intentions and crappy shit nobody needs and childish planks with big icons n stuff.

DistroWatch only writes what the devs tell them to write.

Because let’s face facts here, we all are adults, right? Adults with mostly many years of experience under our belts. We aren’t kids and we sure as hell don’t need a nanny holding our hands. We all have extended experience on Windows or MacOS, and sometimes on both systems. And do you think that Win or Mac was ever built with the intention to be, like, super user friendly?

Pinguy’s website looks pretty standard professional, which is easy to do these days.

Still we all learned to develop a workflow allowing us to handle those OSes … with all the good stuff, all the quirky and also the bad shit they came with. So why, all of a sudden, do we need our new OS to treat us like toddlers? Isn’t it quite enough if our new desktop shows us what’s where and what’s what? Isn’t it enough that we can left- and right click and get somehow the same results as they appeared in Windows and Mac?

Workspace 1_001
Orca’s Pinguy installation on MiniMe, two panels for what? For childish big program starter icons, that’s what it’s for. 😮

So, yes, okay I have to admit I was a bit negatively biased when I installed the much too big Pinguy OS ISO file of nearly 3GB size. Looks like the Pinguy devs put everything right into the base install, if you want/need it or not. Ok, they also offer a Mini installation, which is nice. But then is it really still Pinguy, without all those bells and whistles? And why o why did they stop development for 32-bit computers? I betcha that for the first Mint babysteps in Linux, many newbs are using old dusty 32-bit lappies; this is exactly Pinguy’s clientéle ffs!

No 32-bit versions but at least a preferable Torrent over the direct download from Pinguy’s website then look at Linux Mint. That system is kinda easy to grasp without making a fuzz about it. And yes, you may install it on your 32-but stone age computers too! And hey, Pinguy why make a friendlier version of the generally pretty hostile Gnome3 environment, when Mint has made the pretty nifty Cinnamon DE already years ago, and they making it better and better all the time?

Okay, now let’s stay fair. I guess Pinguy is a good Linux distro, they made use of many of Mint’s cool tools and some applicatons from the Mate DE to replace shittier Gnome 3 versions. Yes, and I see how the huge icons on the lower panel can convince ex-Macists to try out this Linux distro. But honestly, it ain’t Mac, and it never wil be and reach the high standard Apple has set with their desktops since … since, like, forever. The rest of the fairly unfriendly and unconfigurable Gnome desktop is maybe also what many new users are looking for and can be happy with. If I wasn’t so spoiled by now almost 8 years on Linux, and wouldn’t know better, I guess I could get used to Pinguy.

Tom ranks Pinguy on #3 of his Top 5 Ubuntu based distros.

But one more negative thing if I may. Thank you: PinguyOS runs terribly slowly. At least on my old MiniMe it’s not just slow, it really lags. 😦 If that is the price one has to pay for being a n00b, and when running Gnome3 as your desktop environment. That stuff is heavy! I dunno if I’d ever change to Linux. :/

Healthy, very healthy self-esteem. :/


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