Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

Oh my. :/

A virgin Lubuntu 18.04 directly after installation. That’s the sparsest desktop I’ve ever seen! 😮

I’ve shown you the Lubuntu clone LSLE respectively LXLE in this bloggy already once or twice, didn’t I? And I was always like ya, it’s ok, and, like,  really really lightweight and super for your super old fuked up lappy (you know that dusty thing you found on your granny’s attic) but it’s not for spoiled me. Everything werkz quite nicely and speedy and maybe even comfortably, depending on the grade of your spoiledness. Mine is quite high, and my computers are quite capable little things so why would I even care about such a shitty system?

Super easy filemanager manages files.

Because it’s actually pretty nifty, that’s why! The whole filesystem is super easy and the operation explains itself. Too bad I can’ do any screenshots of the open menu but it’s super easy, to find everything on your computer in mere seconds. And since Canonical just released all the *buntus in 18.04 LTS version I thought why not give its LSLE based Lubuntu another try. All the reviewers and users seems to really like it. And with all the new technology of the 18.04 release it can’t be bad.

A gaggle of super lightweight softwares: No Libre Office but Abi Word is the texter of choice here. It’s serviceable.

Well, no, it’s not bad. But still not ticking all my boxes. Sorry, I’m spoiled in case you haven’t heard yet. But I can assure you, if and when the day comes all our computers are thrown back into the stone age, Lubuntu would be my first choice as an operating system. There is not much more to show you, really not. This is computing on the most common denominator, as we know it from Windows since, like, forever. Open menu, find your program, open it, work and be awesome. Easy peasy.

htop shows us how lightweight Lubuntu really is. Can’t be much lighter and faster.

Let’s see the release announcement:

Still no Qt? Boy, them Lubuntu devs are lazy. 😦

Hey, just because Orca is too posh to really work with any LSDE, LXQt or LSLE system doesn’t mean it’s bad software. Lubuntu and its variants in other distros are awesome! Top modern shit and stuff. It all boils down to a question of taste. Fact is that Lubuntu and brethren are uncomplicated, lightweight and fast and shouldn’t be a problem to run even on stone old hardware. I must corectify myself here: When I stated that Canonical wasn’t developing 32-bit sofware anymore it was only a half-truth. Maybe Ubuntu 18.04 is only available as 64-bit version, but Lubuntu is very well. So theoretically you should be able to install this little wonder on old XP aera computers and your old netbooks. It should be good! 🙂


That’s indeed a sobering answer, particularly since other distros – Manjaro, hehe – already have LXQt versions out since a year or longer. But Manjaro probably won’t install on your granny’s lappy.

Look how little computing power you really need:

System Requirements

Lubuntu is a good operating system for many old computers, but not for all of them. Some computers have too little horsepower or memory. A rule of thumb is that the computer should not be more than 10 years old (although some older computers are known to work as well).

  • Memory (RAM): Your computer needs at minimum 1 GB of RAM to use Lubuntu, but we recommend 2 GB or more for better performance (with web-based applications).
  • Processor (CPU): You should have (at minimum) a Pentium 4, Pentium M, or AMD K8 CPU.1

Oh, and btw, if I were forced to use only *buntu-ish operating systems, Lubu would be one of my first choices. Before I’d go with standard Ubuntu or Kubuntu or any of those modern bullshit flavours I’d choose Lubuntu for sure. Hmmmm, no. Most probably I’d go with Ubuntu Mate but not Xubuntu. So there.


Oh yeah, the inevitable widdioh:

And one more:



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