LXLE Linux :(

Yeah, MiniMax still at the workshop, so I’m gonna edutain you with some of my usual Linux shit, ok? May I? Thank you. 😉

As you’ve already seen in the title your editrix just won’t give up on this strange little Linux distro LXLE. She already tested it once or twice and found it nifty but utterly unusable for her own needs. But sometimes I get ants in my @§$ and the feeling I must give LSLE another chance. Particularly now that they’ve finally swapped their base from (L)Ubuntu 14.04 to (L)Ubuntu 16.04.

The original Lubuntu just came out with a first beta of 17.04 version, so it’s – as always – quite a bit ahead of LXLE and maybe I’ll check that one out as well. But first I just had to have another look at the more fancier LXLE. And looksee …

LXLE 16.04 is nice and lightweight … and very nice. 🙂

… see the difference? See what super patient and talented Linux hacker hubby has done? Yes, he found a way to add app starters to the panel (upper left corner of screenshot). More or less the only thing I was missing from the very light yet nifty LXLE.

LXLE with two programs running, Firefox with Orcablog open and GIMP with a photo that shows us that Russians can indeed have fun.

Now there’s basically no reason anymore keeping me from using this bitchy distro on OrcNet for our next travel.

Ok, once it’s up and running it’s pretty doable. Not the fastest Linux on the block but serviceable. Dunno if thats enough reason not to take my good old Manjaro on the road with me.

With a friendlier, clearer wallpaper the whole distro appears more friendly and clearly structured. LXLE can be a mighty pretty operating system.

One of the niftiest things about LXLE is the amount of o-so-pretty wallpapers issued right out of the box. BUT if you know me you know I’m gonna delete them anyway and use my own anime wallpapers instead. But notice how I pulled the panel down to the bottom and sized it, and the icons in it, very small? Mhm, that’s Orca’s trademark treatment of all her desktops. You gotta squint when looking at it? Get new glasses!

Looking groovy and modern, no?

But some more testing must be done since this new LXLE version seems to run rather sloooowly on MiniMe, defeating the very point of its own existence. Weird, I was never under the impression this was such a lame komputor. So maybe I should install it on Gaga as well … once MiniMax is back from repair. Pheeew, why has everything take soooo fukn loooooong???

UPDATE: LXLE just crashed on me! And not for the first time, I can tell you that. Soooo I’d say FUK IT! Take it from behind and ram … no, not even that. It’s wasting too much energy. Just not worth it. I mean, who knows, maybe It’ll run better on your hardware. But why take the risk? I wasn’t really that impressed with this shitty distro anyway, so I’ll just install something else on MiniMe now. And I even know what it’s gonna be. Mhm, yumyum, lekker new distro for Orcsi. 🙂

No recommendation and no Orca Seal of Approval for fukn stüpid LXLE. This piece of garbage is dead for me. Think Orca’s a spoiled brat? Yeah right, damn well I am! And with good reason. As a Linux user I’m spoiled and can be as picky as I fancy. 🙂

Residential Garbage Collection Service - Water and Waste - City of ...
Once and for all: Byebye LXLE. You fukn piece of rubbish won’t be missed.


    • Was it? And how so, and how do you know? I usually disable all screenlocks right during installation since I’ve no use for that kinda paranoid shit. So, even if it was a lockscreen and I can’t disable it, LXLE is dead for me. Unusuable, not fitting my requirements.


    • If you say so, Miss Indian Aeronautics, than it must be true. Thx for letting me know, shithead, and thx for reading my poor bloggsy. And jfyi I don’t own much but what I own I do own! xoxoxo


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