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Our friend Robin again. This time he loves his MX-17 distro. Guess I had it tested too a while ago …. let me find it … here!

But first let’s read Robin’s expertise:


Robin's Rants and Raves

MX-17 is simply gorgeous right out of the box! But y’know I like to change things up a little bit, and I like a clean, simple, pretty desktop with just a tiny bit of bling. I still haven’t decided if I’ll keep Cairo-Dock on or go back to the awesome Xfce panel on the bottom that I always love. I’m just play’n around with it.

That’s just the notification stuff in the top panel, and favorite app launchers in the super wicked-kewl dock on the bottom that magnifies the icons when you mouse over them and bounces them when you click on one to launch it. I also always liked that 3D effect you get from the little table the icons appear to be resting on, reflected on the panel. So pretty, so cool.

This is Debian Linux made really easy, but without the instability and bloat of Ubuntu and…

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    • Can’t say, Jackie, since we got rid of our iMac in 05 or 06 I guess. It was MacOS 9.2 or so and I don’t think it had a dock. Didn’t Apple introduce them with OSX? Anyhoo, Mac OS, as a freeBSD derivative is closely related to Linux and they are kinda similar. Hard to say who came originally up with those dock things. But what I do know is that many devs trying to make their DEs closely resembling either Windows or MacOS. Which is kinda shame. Linux doesn’t need to copy any other, worser, OSes.
      OTOH, we have mice, trackpads and keyboards on our hardware, so you can’t expect a whole totally new operating paradigm.


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