Sanctuary by the Sea
Ever growing and evolving nesting grounds of the original Sanctuary…once a simple 4096…now spanning 3 regions.

And again I blushingly follow Inara’s footprints. Today to a nice, a very nice location on mainland. On mainland! Yes, I know it’s kinda hard to build some setup with your own style, particularly on the densely populated seashores of our mainland continents. But thankfully Inara and some of her friends have managed to find such a place on the eastern coastline of Satori, the Japanese Continent.

Please find the article and photos over in Inara’s blog.
Notice a difference? Yes, of course Inara’s article is very well researched and her photos are much better than mine.
But then my stories have another purpose than Inara’s. I make my photos with Orca in them, so to speak from my own experience and point of view. I wanna show what I experienced during my visit. That’s called Gonzo journalism I guess. 😉
Anyhoo, Sanctuary is lovingly decayed and grungy. I love this style of sims. And this one reminds me of the American bubble burst.
But while I reminice about the deeper meaning of Sanctuary …
… I notice the fallen statue. Lenin, Stalin? I’m too lazy to check but we know pictures like this mostly from photos from Russia in the late 80s, early 90s. You know when we all feared that drunkard Yeltsin would sell out the whole of Russia for some bottles of vodka.
And then I remember the sim’s name Afanasyev, which sounds like a Russian town. So this is indeed about the burst soviet bubble? Well, then it must be nostalgic because nowadays Russia looks very different, does it not?
OUCH! 😮 Damn me and my love of going barefoot. Stupid hippie! 😦
Mhm. Unpaved road is just like we imagine a poor soviet township, yes? Abandoned gas station with ice box is purely American otoh. Jeezuz, where are we??? Siberia or Alabama? It all looks so alike these days.
The only hotel in town obviously has seen better times as well.

I throughly enjoyed my time in Sanctuary. The builders/owners painstakingly reimagined a coastal town that fell on economically hard times. And that can happen pretty much anywhere, not only in the former USSSR and the USA. Hey, maybe this is a German town? Yes, somehow it looks like the former GDR back in the very early 90s. Who knows, who gives a fuk?

Sanctuary is well worth a visit.

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