1. I hate that argument. The spirit of the 2nd ammendment, was that a government should not decide who is and who is not armed. Also the people should never be out armed by their government. The actual spirit of that ammendment is if your government has 2 nukes the people should have 4. If your government has 20 tanks the people should have 50. Standing armies are actually illegal in the United States..go figure…the people lost a long time ago.

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      • The thing is, that us Europeans will not understand that mentality, as US Americans will not understand our mentality … which is unfortunate, as in especially that case it will mean more deaths for the sake of some romantic picture of self determination which is in the end an illusion, just like so many others (and that on both sides of the ocean).
        A real sign of self determination would be to take action, make a change for the better and evolve instead of sticking to dusty old romanticism.
        But as with many things (and now I am back in the general spot and not just the US) people seem to be resistant to evolve, and that will mean more pictures like this: http://time.com/5198721/capitol-gun-death-protest-shoes/

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        • Oh, believe me, I understand and partly even get the American mindset and mentality. Their world is, like, totally different from ours. In America you always gotta be strong, self-determinated, independent … and to some extent even brutal. They are not spoiled and pampered like we used to be. They can’t rely on solidarity with their countryfolk. It’s not a cozy and comfy and warm as we have it … or had it.

          Plus they never had a revolution. Oh, well, that one against England but that was a revolution by the rich, by the upper crust, by those guys who seriously lost some income to the British crown. What I mean, they never had a worker’s revolution, no human rights revolution, no revolution for democracy and socialism. No revolution from down low against the top!

          And that leads to helpless and kitschy protests like laying out 7000 pairs of shoes in front of the capitol. It’s like “Excuse me, government, can we please be safe and secure when we go to school?” And nobody even blinks when the reply is “Shut up you fukn commie hippie kidz! Be proud Americans and learn to die like proud Americans … or at least learn CPR!”

          I totally understand both sides, in the meaning that I know where everybody’s coming from. I get their respective perspectives. Of course I prefer the side of the protesters … but then they are considered as what Americans call LOSERS! And, believe you me, in the USA you don’t wanna be considered a loser.

          For they are not prepared to deal with losers.


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