SJWs are Hellalot Stupid!


Oh, that’s nice, Mark Waid. Buuuut didn’t you notice that …


… in Rose Tico’s Star Wars galaxy (that one far far away) exists no planet Earth?


Ergo no Asian subcontinent. Ergo no Asians neither. Not even a little cuddleball like Rose is an Asian girl in Star Wars! She can’t be!


Ok, we all know the actress who plays Rose is presumably from planet Earth, and with an even greater possibility even from some Asian country, or carries at least some Asian genes. Judging by her last name her family is Vietnamese. So, all cool if millions of little Asian girls can identify with Kelly Marie Tran, the actress …


… but they shouldn’t identify with an alien from a galaxy far away, I don’t think. So far we don’t even know if any of the other humanoid characters in Star Wars, beloved characters like Luke, Leia, Han, Obi Wan, Finn, Rei, Poe and Kylo Ren/Ben are really human. I mean they are living pretty far away from us, and we don’t know their sex practices, do we?

Until we have 100% proof of them being humans, through a DNA analysis or when Disney tells us it is so, I consider them all alien lifeforms. Although in the SW galaxy we earthlings would be the aliens, would we not?

Ok, that was my official showerthought for today. Now off to the real shower in my backyard here on planet Earth.


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