Y’all Have Already Switched to …

… Linux, right? And since you’re all so awesomely clever you chose Linux Mint, correct? And yes, of course you’re on the most recent 18.1 version. Of course, what else. And just yesterday the Mint team issued the latest version, 18.2, so your 18.1 is old crap now, like totally outdated shit you’ve gotta avoid like the plague. 😮

But how to upgrade to 18.2 from 18.1, without doing the whole installation process again? Nothing easier than that. No, really, it’s no big deal. Mint’s own blog …

You are being helped!

… and also this YouTube vid-tut will tell you exactly how to make the magic happen:

The always very nice and positively helpful Joe Collins will pray you thru the ordeal and make the upgrade process as nice and painless as humanly possible. A recommended view on your trek to Sonya.

So, and how was it? Didn’t hurt at all, right?

PS: For all you slowpoke n00bs who just started today, you’re so lucky as you should already have downloaded and installed 18.2 “Sonya” from scratch. So you’re cool for the next 6 monthes. 🙂 Just do the occasional updates, which take just seconds (depending on your connection speed) and you’re good to go.

By the way, I found some more hopefully helpful videos that will inspire you and wet your appetite to finally give Linux a go!!!

“Very nice and very pleasing to use.”

Matthew Moore is an old YouTuber, very opinionated and hard to please. That’s why he’s usually on Archlinux distros. So if he likes the new Mint 18.2 you know it really is good!

In case your hardware is shit, how about the supposedly lighter and faster Xfce flavour?

“Trust me, believe me, I’m telling you folks, this thing runs very very well on laptop.”

Ok, Rob is an Xfce fanboy, Orca doesn’t fancy it too much. But it is nontheless very serviceable and, as already mentioned, a bit lighter and faster than Cinnamon.

I guess this ain’t the first time ever I’m telling you, yes, not asking but TELLING you, to finally get your shit together and jump on a nifty Linux system. And Mint really is all the shit, and it just came out with the new version. Actually I guess all Mint flavours are now on Sonya: Cinnamon, MATE, XFCE and KDE are readily available and just waiting for you to greedily download and install them. So this is the most opportune time to jump on  the Linux train and enjoy the ride.

Can you do that?





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