The New Camper Pt. 1


One can never have enough vehicles. Or camping equipment. So I added the Volkwagen Westfalia camper to my collection of caravans lately. And just yesterday I bought another camping vehicle, this time a little bit biggerer camper van. I guess in America they call these things Class B or Class A or something. Anyway, yesterday I also used the testdrive to go on with my gridwide camping tour and continued along the Circuit de Corse on Corsica continent:

Re-started le tour at the weird zig-zag bridge in Fishers Rest.
I just wanted to test out how this huge clunker of a van drives, so I didn’t take any of my altsisters with me on tour.
As it turned out the whole vehicle was expectedly unwieldy to handle, particularly around corners.
But otoh my van was unexpectedly sloooow for being equipped with a mighty American engine. I guess I could have easily, passed it just by walking.
The ride was very comfy tho. Only a gearshifter or a functional automatic were sorely missed.
At this hedge I parked the RV for the first night, I was so pissed by its driving abilities I had to write a notecard to the creator and ask for his help.
The weirdest thing was that I couldn’t sit down on the sofa in the back but only on the drivers seat. I mean WTF? Why am I schlepping all the bulk of a luxury camper around with me if I can’t even use its most basic functions? 

Then I wrote the notecard and logged off …

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