Happy Independence Day!


May all my American readers have much fun and joy today when you remember your great victory over the British troops and how you kicked them out of your fantabulous country … for good. Don’t anybody ever say terrorism won’t change anything, LOL. 🙂

But one word of warning if I may: Don’t drink and drive!!!

4th of JulyIt might not only become expensive moneywise when you gotta pay the fine, it may even cost your life when  you crash your vehicle in a ditch. 😮 We don’t wanna have that, do we? I expect to see you all again on this blog tomorrow, with freshly installed Mint Linux 18.2, ready to rock. Not in a coma!



  1. I have to be honest, i don’t give a fuck about the 4th of July, another show of false supremacy over the World. But i also don’t give a fuck about the birth of that country that should have remained a british colony for much longer, at least the English didn’t exterminate the native Americans tribes nor had allowed slavery to become the rule, eve nowadays under disguise.

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    • The Declaration of Independence is a fine document, penned by Enlightenment thinkers who are spinning in their graves over what’s become of my/our/your country. The 4th is not so much a military holiday as a family celebration, nothing to be so bitter about.

      That said, I’m happy it’s almost over — fireworks pollute the air and terrify the animals. America the Beautiful, as sung by Ray Charles, should be our national anthem, not the other song that glorifies war. I’ve wondered how different the American psyche might be if we sang of beauty instead of a battle.

      And no, America shouldn’t have remained a colony of England. The British were hardly paragons of virtue, and fostered the slave trade, a bleeding stain on all countries that went along, including Portugal, France, Spain and the Dutch Empire.

      Sorry if I sound prickly, but sometimes I’ve had a bellyful of hatred of my imperfect country.

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      • Foneco, your comment, which I understand and agree with to a point, really set me off.

        Here, with odd punctuation intact, is the last letter Thomas Jefferson ever wrote, to express his regrets that he couldn’t attend a 50-year celebration of the Declaration:

        “may it be to the world what I believe it will be, (to some parts sooner, to others later, but finally to all) the Signal of arousing men to burst the chains, under which Monkish ignorance and superstition had persuaded them to bind themselves, and to assume the blessings & security of self government. the form which we have substituted restores the free right to the unbounded exercise of reason and freedom of opinion.

        “all eyes are opened, or opening to the rights of man. the general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth that the mass of mankind has not been born, with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately by the grace of god. these are grounds of hope for others. for ourselves let the annual return of this day, for ever refresh our recollections of these rights and an undiminished devotion to them.”

        And there you have the meaning of the holiday. Happy Fourth of July.

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        • Thomas Jefferson, what a philosopher, what a prophet. But as we all know “a prophet has no honour in his own country.” 🙂


    • Foneco, yes you’re right. BUUUT I’m not gonna hurt the feelings of this blog’s readers, of which many are in fact USAmerican. Also let them have this holiday, it seems to be a rather big deal for most of them. And they don’t get many free days in the first place so let them enjoy whatever they get.

      Like Luna I think as well it’s more about exactly that one free day and about BBQ and beach outings and sailing than about diffuse pathetic patriotic feelings. It’s like Easter, Xmas, Feast of Corpus Christi and similar xtian holidays in Germany. Everybody enjoys the days off but only a very small minority knows what it’s about and why they got the day off. Germans overall are a godless people but they enjoy their spare time just like anybody else.


  2. National Days are always a show off for politicians only, Not only in Usabut all over the World, unless for the countries that become independent only a few Years ago, We had our share of them over the centuries and i agree with Luna, is just another Holiday to pass with the family. What i don’t like, in fact what i hate, is that the 4th of July become another day to do business, not only in USA but it seems around all World and lucky not yet on Mars. As if there was no other countries nor national days, as if the 4th of July was the only that matters. The capitalism without guilt nor remorse cannibalizes everything, from Christmas to this day.
    But the America of the grand fathers was an America that only raised hands cause England treated them as they knew, a country filled with religious fanatics and criminals (Australia was not the 1st colony to have the worst!).
    America only become great when Latinos started to invade it and made it theirs. Or will do, soon.

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  3. Now seriously, USA did in fact more for Democracy that any other Country.
    But they need to get ride of the capitalism complex that is the land of dreams and get ride also of Trump and most of Gop. And also of many Dems that still ca not understand why they lost.
    And a country that does not offer FREE health and education for All has place in this XXI Century?
    How can i take seriously the American way of Life and it denies the basics of any Democracy, that we Europeans has already for a long time?
    Why i should care about USA power when there are more countries with nukes and it only needs one to end the World?
    How can the rest of the World trust and understand a celebration of a day of a country that is being reduced to a farse?
    I would say, give it a few more centuries to mature and get real but sadly the World does not have that luxury to wait for USa to get sense.

    And Yes, i want to make Americans angry, not with me but with the system they allow that is reducing them to simple slaves of the big corporations since its beginning.
    Want to be serious fellow Americans?
    Grow first!

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    • Goddammit, you think we aren’t angry?? Ask Tasha! Visit Tradewinds!

      As Orca said, why the hell couldn’t you just let us have our ONE DAY to celebrate and even be mindful of our founders’ noble sentiments?

      I doubt you would appreciate it if I did the same to your country.

      And that’s my last word on the subject. I’ll continue my habit of just biting my tongue as I read condescending political nonsense on this or any other blog.

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      • Luna, I don’t think Foneco’s comments (or mine in my many seemingly anti-American diatribes) were political nonsense. Condescending, yes. But no nonsense. Maybe you’ve heard of the concept of Schadenfreude. That’s why we Euro/Afro people can write so smug and feel so superior. Of course that is the bullshit portion of this blog. In reality we’re fukn afraid and wet our panties. Laughing about the dangerous bully with the bomb and the short fuse is our last and only resort. I can tell you that during all the cold war end-of-world scenarios I was never as afraid of the USSR as I am right now of the USA. Please forgive me about that.

        I know rather well how Tasha thinks and I know what went on at Tradewinds. And I know that the original concept of July 4th was mangled and re-intrepreted and turned into something completely different by whatever powers.

        That’s why I tried to post just a little greeting post, like a postcard, to wish all my American readers a happy 4th. Nothing else. No polical BS, no political truth, no attacks.


  4. it’s all a load of tosh anyway the true reason for 4th July was british generals total incompetence and that the french suddenly turned sides EVEN then the french got kicked northbound to quebec when is Trump day???
    I celebrate the day beatrix finally gave up peddling her lies and closed her forum xx 😘

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    • So you don’t like the Americans to celebrate British incompetence?

      Buuut … NEWSFLASH for you hun: The whole world celebrates this like every day. You Englisherers never fail to amuse us and make the rest of the world laugh. You should be grateful for the Americans being so subtle and decent to only celebrate on that certain occurance in 1776.

      Further It’s gotta be said for reasons of objectivty and correctness: Bèa didn’t close her (our) forum, she just didn’t renew the lease with the host. In order for you to feel smug or like a winner over her you should’ve done like she asked us all to do and take it over from her. Only a change in management could be counted as a victory for you. But just watching as the whole thing – after like 10 or more years of existence – goes down with a whimper, much to our collective shame, is a poor show of form. You lost as much as anybody else there, Sammie. Now all we got is this fukn poor personal bloggo to discuss all sailing matters. 😦


  5. pooh Your thought and mine will always differ on that be happy she’s gone I am sometimes i click on the link and just giggle I don’t like liars Orcs never have never will xxx

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    • Contrary to you I kinda don’t alllow myself to have any thoughts, particularly not any that could differ from anybody else’s. Just stating the facts.


  6. isn’t refusing to host it the same as quitting?? however you slant it it’s the same result good riddance OH that was NO way a comment about Slanty smiles xx

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    • Dunno if it’s the same by definition but in Béa and the forum’s case one could say, yes, she quit. But that was not the question, was it? And she did refuse to manage the forum and pay the host any longer. So she asked for other persons to take over. Same as I did in TrYC.


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