Hardware Trubbels … or Just a Stupid Editrix?


Peepels, I tellered you already that my stupidstupid netbook was giving me badbad service lately, did I? Yes, it refused to let me install any groovy, chic Linuxes on it, so I had to install the trusty but sooo fukn boring Linux Mint 18.1. Well, I can live with that for a week. BUUUUT what I absolutely can’t live with is the weird jumping touchpad of that cheapo Acer shit. That’s why I always use a mouse. Of course my old but trusty Logitech Performance MX, famous from some Orcablog mentions. It’s the prefect travel mousy buuuut again, OrcNet refuses to acknowledge its existence. Short tempered Orcsi, tired from the long intercontinental flight, was about to throw that poor hapless rodent outta the window. And the Acer with it. Then thought better of it since I might accidentally hurt a pigeon. ;o

Anyway, just writing this as a brief notice to let  ya’ll know I hate my life! LOL. No, will prolly run over to the shopping mall, which features a huge techno store and get either a new mouse … or a new laptop! LOL, hubby would kill me I guess. Better I reinstall Mint 18 or another easy Linux and try again. Only thing I know for sure is that I can’t go on like this anymore. The machine is so unreliable. Yesterday in Schiphol airport the mouse still worked, now in the Hamburg hotel it don’t. What has changed in the short time since then? Nobody knows.

Guess I’ll need to sacrifice some time and reinstall … again … grrrrr ….



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