Arrived @ Amsterdam

Did some snapshots en route …

Boeing 787-9 is illuminated like a gay bar. No wonder Boeing calls it “Dreamliner”.
Most romantic sunrise ever!
Mighty and only modestly overpriced egg-bacon sammich in Schiphol airport.

Now it’s only the short hop to Hamburg, followed by a half hour underground passage and 5 minutes walk to the hotel and then we’re finally “home again”. 🙂




    • Thx for the hint, Armo. We were ushered through the terminals and all controls by a nice young man.You maybe know the type, too stroppy and lanky to fill out his uniform but chatting all the time. Hint for international terrorists: If you wanna have your bobobomb expedited expressly through any airport, make use of an innocent wheelchair passenger. Anyway, didn’t have much time to go for foodshopping along the way. And we couldn’t know that the connection flight to Hamburg was half an hour late and two more flights were processed before us. One to Luxembourg of all places. There was something with a British princess going on, so today Luxembourg was the dream destination for many a folks. But at least it gave me enough time to set up this little post in my blog.


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