Riddle Solved: Stupid Editrix.

Now look at this. This shit here:


See it? The OFF/ON pushy pully switchy thing? Nobody, neither expert nor amateur, knows why it’s there but yesterday while putting all her shit back into the bag, Orca must have accidentally – or semi consciously – switched that thing into the OFF position. 😦

No wonder then the mouse refuses to do anything, isn’t it? Anyhoo, it’s working now and life is semi-beautiful again. The cursor is still jumpy af but at least I don’t need to use that stinkin’ touchpad anymore. So I’ll try to survive the next couple days without major PC operations, like a complete reinstall or sumfink.

My recommendation still remains: Stay away from cheapo bargain basement computers, particularly if they are by Acer. Same with Lenovo, if for other reasons. Lenovo you may buy if they are ThinkPads and ThinkCentres and any continuation of the old professional IBM machines.

But no Acer whatsoever!



  1. I got a more recent laptop bye acer. Quite happy with it. Maybe it’s often not the external build quality of some other machines, but I quite like what I get on the inside for my money.
    I use it often as a desktop replacement and hook up my screen, mouse and keyboard to it. I use it sometimes as a laptop for PowerPoint presentations.
    So a combi of desktop replacement as described plus occasional use as a laptop is not that bad.
    To compare external build quality with other machines is probably adviceable
    before buying an acer laptop, yes. For people who use a laptop a lot in a normal way then I kind a agree with orca here….. Especially when you use it a lot, then it’s worthwhile to compare it well with other more expensive machines.
    And do go to a normal shop to compare the external build quality with a laptop.

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    • “To compare external build quality with other machines is probably adviceable”

      Indeed, Armo, indeed. I’m quite sure you can get quite a decent laptop from Acer once you’ve crossed a certain price threshold. In the 1,000 € region you get good stuff, even from Acer. And of course checking out the goods in a brick and mortar store before ordering from Amazon or any of those mailorder warehouse, should always be done. Because only the feely touchy test can tell you if a laptop is right for you. Most important of all is the keyboard. If the typing doesn’t feel right you shouldn’t buy that machine. Or if the screen opens too easily and if it vibrates once it’s opened. The overall touch quality is important, the difference between cheapo plastic and a magnesium case makes all the world.

      In the quality department nothing beats Lenovo (the former IBM product lines) and the more expensive HP machines.

      Of course tripping into the Acer trap is easy, their specs are often much better than those of the competition. But you usually pay for the good specs with worse quality. 😦


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